Welcome October

The month of October brings many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of
fall both outside and inside the classroom. We are also excited to
begin new units in both ELA and social studies as we mark the midpoint
of the first trimester.

In ELA, we finished the final drafts of our Hero essays last Friday.
In this essay, we practiced using “voice” to make our writing come
alive for our readers. Through powerful and descriptive word choices,
we worked hard to add passion and energy to this piece. On Monday,
groups 3, 4, and 5 will have spelling tests while groups 1 and 2 will
practice their sorts from last week. On Tuesday, we will begin our
first whole class novel, Esperanza Rising. Audio versions of this
novel can be found on our webpage if you feel your child may benefit
from audio support.

In social studies, we are wrapping up our review of the Thirteen
Colonies with three short Reader’s Theatre scripts. Each student has
been given a role in these plays, and we’ll perform them for the class
on Wednesday and Thursday. We will finish the week with the reasons
for the Revolutionary War and the challenges of forming a new

We enjoyed our first Farm to Table lunch last Wednesday, and we’re
looking forward to the 5/6 Marketplace tomorrow!

Upcoming Events:
Monday, September 30th – Textile collection event begins
Tuesday, October 1st – PCCS Soccer @home
Tuesday, October 1st – PCCS XC Conference meet @Park
Wednesday, October 2nd – PCCS Soccer @Emmons
Sunday, October 5th – Fall Fest 12-4pm
Friday , October 11th – No School- Teacher Inservice
Sunday, October 13th – PCCS PSO Golf Outing @Bittersweet
Monday, October 14th- No School – Columbus Day