Welcome Back!

August 10, 2016

Hello Families,

Ms. Turner here, welcoming you back to another fabulous year at Prairie Crossing. I hope you and your family are as excited as I am.

Some reminders:

  • Please see the following page for a review of classroom expectations. Also, please be sure to read over the Student Handbook for more specifics regarding Prairie Crossing expectations.
  • Once again, students will be met with an increase in responsibilities this year. Organization strategies will be covered during our first week together, in hopes of everyone selecting a plan that will ensure their success for 6th grade.
  • I update my page on the school’s website frequently. This is the best place to look for resources regarding assignments, reminders about upcoming events, the homework calendar and general volunteer opportunities.
  • I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you and your child this year!

To get the collaborative spirit rolling, I would greatly appreciate all parents taking the time to complete this 4-question survey.

Thank you for your time and support.


Roxanne Turner

Sixth Grade Teacher

E-mail: rturner@pccharterschool.org

Review of Expectations & Classroom Information

Behavior Management

I believe clarity of expectations will allow all students to achieve success within the classroom. The classroom expectations are centered on one word: Respect.

  1. Respect for self: this includes each child taking care in their work, improving their organization, doing the best that they can in regard to school work and how they treat others
  2. Respect for others: each day includes opportunities for collaborating while learning. The classroom is a safe space for all students to work hard and be creative. I expect students to be respectful and supportive of their peers. I also expect students to be respectful to myself, and any guest teachers who may visit our room. This includes respectful listening, following directions attentively, and using kind words/tone of voice.
  3. Respect for the learning environment: students should show care for our desks, lockers, grounds, and supportive adults who make much of what we do a possibility. This also encompasses respect for our planet; I do not wish to see students being wasteful of school resources.

I believe it is the right of each child to learn; if someone chooses to continually disrupt the class, they are taking away that right, which is unacceptable. All students start each day with a clean slate. Mistakes happen and these should be seen as learning opportunities; consequences for actions that are found to be inappropriate will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Repeated abuse of rules will not be tolerated.

Students will have the opportunity to continue earning school-wide Hawks Tickets this year, which can be redeemed toward ⅚ grade-band coupons. Students will also have the chance to participate in the ⅚ Marketplace, which relates to our classroom economy (more information below), and our class will continue to have the opportunity to earn puzzle pieces from compliments (for class-wide jobs well done). When our puzzle is complete, the class will earned their puzzle party.

Classroom Economy

The 5th/6th grade-band utilizes a money system. This allows students to make relevant connections while learning basic principles of earning, saving, spending and budgeting money. Students will be assigned a job within the classroom, and will earn a monthly salary. They will be expected to pay rent for their personal space, and will be given opportunities to earn extra money for odd jobs, and bonuses for jobs done superbly well.


All final grades are based on 100% scale. Tests and projects make up half of a student’s final grade. The remaining half of grades will be determined by presentations, quizzes, homework, and daily classwork. All work is expected to be completed, always to the best of a student’s ability.

Grades will be frequently updated on Powerschool. There will also be progress reports sent home at mid-term, and a report card sent home after the end of each trimester. If you have any questions about how to use Powerschool (to check your child’s grades) please let me know.


I strive to provide students adequate time in the classroom to work on most assignments. That being said, there will be regular homework assignments students need to be working on at home. This includes practicing vocabulary for the week and a variety of language arts and social studies assignments. I also expect students to be reading 20-30 minutes each day. Lastly, there may also be occasions when peers decide to meet outside of class to work on a group presentation or project.

Tips for Supporting All Students’ Success

  • Please communicate if you have any concerns over an assignment, topic, peer issue, etc. E-mail tends to be the best form of immediate communication, but I am happy to meet in person or talk via phone conference as well. Please always give advance notice if you are wanting to conference so I have adequate time to prepare and make arrangements for classroom coverage if necessary. Conferences cannot be held while class is in session unless an appointment has been made in advance.
  • Students are expected to write down their homework assignments each day. That said, it is unclear if PCCS will be providing planners to the middle school students this year, so talk with your child and determine what strategy you would like to take regarding assignments (Google Calendar will feature all assignments if you are comfortable with a digital copy, if not I suggest purchasing a planner for your child). This could help with daily communication about work that needs to be completed and assignments that may be missing.
  • I want to encourage you to read with your child and/or discuss what is happening at school (easier said than done at times).
  • Review assignments and returned papers with your child, to check for understanding.
  • Volunteer when opportunities arise. There will be regular and special events that require parent involvement to be a success. Some opportunities include examples: lunch helpers (week to week basis), party helpers, laundry helpers, and field trip chaperones. If you have additional volunteer ideas, please let me know.