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Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a restful Spring Break and feel re-energized to jump back into our school year! We are excited to see the students tomorrow and hear all about their Spring Break adventures.
ELA News: Now that we’re experts in subjects and predicates, we will practice the use of compound sentences in our writing this week. We will also continue work on our final projects for our Book Club books. Instructions for these projects were given in class before break and can be found in Google Classroom. All projects will be due on Friday, April 2nd and books should be returned this Friday (at school or at the Materials Drop-Off) or next Monday at school. No spelling tests or new spelling words will be given this week.
Social Studies News: We will continue working on our maps of the East Coast as we move into the lower Southeast States. Students can expect a quiz on the Northeast and the Southeast states and capitals on Friday of this week. For this quiz they should know the location and the capital of each state in these two regions. Flashcards as well as the geography review games posted in Google Classroom are great study aids to prepare for this quiz.

Math News: Students will begin the week in their March Checkpoint Packet to complete the geometry activities. The focus is on polygon attributes and analyzing and constructing the angle and side patterns among the shapes using the geoboard app. Students will work on fraction multiplication using the array model and end the week applying fractions in story problems. This week we will also discuss strategies to solve multiple-choice problems. Students, turn in your March Checkpoint Packet this Friday/Supply Drop Off/next Monday. Bring your Student Book to class each day.

Shin Math News: This week students will begin studying Module 3 Topic B: Order and Absolute Value. In this section, students will continue to study and use number lines to order rational numbers. Students will look at how numbers on a number line increase to the right and decrease to the left. Students will use inequalities to compare rational numbers and practice using accurate vocabulary to state the relationship between two or more rational numbers. For example, students will explain that -10 degrees fahrenheit is warmer than -11 degrees fahrenheit because -10 is to the right of -11 on the number line. Finally, students will use the concept of absolute value to show a number’s distance from zero on a number line.

Science News: We are continuing the study of photosynthesis this week. Monday, students will head outside to observe and record the growing buds on trees. They will simulate the process of photosynthesis in class on Tuesday to see how plants produce their food. A quiz on photosynthesis will be given on Thursday. Check Google Classroom for study tools. Students will then participate in a role-play as they learn about the carbon cycle. Students, turn in your Seasons Packet, the Seasons Booklet, and the Photosynthesis Packet this Friday/Supply Drop Off/next Monday. Check your email for a visual of these assignments. Bring your science notebook to class each day.

On March 31st and April 7th PCCS will be utilizing two state allotted E-learning Planning Days. These days will be non-attendance days for students to allow the staff to finalize transition to Phase 4C. 
We hope you’ll take on the Green Challenge this month to “Explore New Places.” It’s a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring!
Important Dates:
03/29/2021 Family Phase 4C Listening Sessions

  • K-4th 5 PM
  • 5-8th 5:45 pm

03/31/2021 E-Learning Planning Day – no student attendance

04/02/2021 Materials Drop-Off/ Pick-Up for Remote ONLY students, 7:30-4:00
04/07/2021 E-Learning Planning Day – no student attendance
04/16/2021 Materials Drop-Off/ Pick-Up for Remote ONLY students, 7:30-4:00