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Welcome Back

We were so happy to see everyone this past week and share stories of time spent with family over break. It sounds like many of you were able to relax, re-charge, and celebrate time together, both outdoors in the snow and indoors playing games or watching movies. We’ve all come to appreciate this time now that life looks much different for many of us. With the many challenges and issues facing us today, please let us know if you need any additional support. Keeping communication open is so important to our team – please reach out anytime!
ELA News: In ELA this week, we will focus on writing a text based persuasive essay, beginning with some pre-writing activities. Eventually, this will become a five paragraph essay, including an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. We have also started a flash draft of a personal narrative or a creative narrative during our Writer’s Workshop time on Friday. Many students were excited to get started last week, and we will continue to work on these pieces every Friday in ELA. New spelling sorts were assigned last Wednesday and activities and the final test should be done by this Wednesday, 1/13.
Social Studies News: We will continue our discussion about the Constitution and the beginning of our government in social studies. This week, we will continue to learn the Preamble, look at the Bill of Rights, and begin discussing the three branches of government. We are also gluing the pages we’ve read and completed from the yellow folders into our social studies notebooks in an effort to stay organized. Parents, please let us know if your student may need extra support with organization.
Psimaras Math News: Students are continuing their study of decimals. They used both the Give and Take strategy and Constant Difference Strategies to add and subtract decimals. They used ratio tables and base ten visuals to solve 3 digit by 2 digit division problems. This week we students will review these concepts and end the unit by completing problems in their January packet. Students should check their supply pick up and drop off folder for this packet. It is also attached to this email if you need to print it at home. Completion (pages 1-5) and assessment grades (pages 6a, 6b,6c) will be given for this packet, and it should be returned to school during Thursday’s Supply Drop Off for credit.
Shin Math News:  Students have completed their study of Topic C: Unit Rates. Students learned how to find unit rates and how to compare them in the context of comparison shopping, and comparing speeds, works, and unit rates. There will be a quiz over Topic C this Tuesday. Students begin their study of Topic D: Percents on Wednesday.

Science News: Students have begun their study of biomes. They should refer to their green paper with the project expectations (found in their supply folder). Students focused on examples of plant adaptations and a tertiary food chain. They are continuing to research their biome this week with a focus on climate. Students will begin to present their projects during science class starting January 21st.
EE News: Students expressed so much knowledge of the month’s Green Challenge, Produce Less Food Waste. The ideas that the students brainstormed with Ms. Naomi last Thursday are listed in the document below. Thank you for your continued support of our school’s environmental mission.
Morning Enrichment classes will soon begin during our morning meetings. These classes are designed to allow students to learn and practice new skills as well as explore new interests with a small group of 12 students. All students were sent (via email) a Google form to indicate their preferences, and we will direct students to the necessary Zoom links before getting started.
Important Dates:
1/13/2021 Second Trimester Midterm Reports
1/14/2021 Materials Pick Up Day, 3:00-4:00 pm
1/15/2021 Early Release, 1:00 pm
1/18/2021 No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
1/19/2021 Finance Meeting – 6:00 pm Outreach Meeting, 7:00 pm
1/21/2021 Natural Leader Assembly, 8:00 am
1/21/2021 Virtual Open House (for prospective families), 7:00 pm
1/29/2021 Materials Pick up Day, 3:00-4:00 pm
Have a great week!
The 5th Grade Team