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Waiting for the Groundhog

On Friday, February 2nd, we will learn from the groundhog whether or not we can expect six more weeks of hats, gloves, snow pants, and boots. While we wait to hear the news, we have much to keep us busy in the classroom this week!
In ELA, Mrs. Flaig has begun a unit on Literature Circles with both classes. The class has been divided into 6 different groups – each reading one of four different books – that will meet on Monday and Thursday for the next three weeks. The groups have mapped out a reading schedule for themselves and the first reading assignment is due on Monday. In addition to reading, all students have been given a role within their group. There are specific tasks for each role and all of the directions are attached to Google Classroom. These tasks will be due on Monday as well.
Also in ELA, all “blue” spelling groups will have a test on Tuesday, and our Jackie Robinson five paragraph essays are due on Wednesday.
After an interesting unit on taxonomy in the rainforest, we have moved into the grassland biome, including the savanna and the prairie. We will look closely at plant adaptations in this biome and the students will have an opportunity to create a new plant species that is well suited to its environment. From the grasslands, we will move into our final two biomes, the desert and the chaparral. I anticipate giving our Biome unit test on Friday, February 9th. This test will cover a large amount of material from our ISNs, so we encourage everyone to begin reviewing. A study guide will be made available by the end of this week.
We will begin our week with an assembly on Monday as we prepare to celebrate Peace Week in all classrooms. Also, our monthly Market Place will be held on Wednesday, January 31st. So many students creatively tackled the Door Decorating contest last week for School Choice week. Although the 5th grade didn’t win the “official” contest, we were very impressed with their commitment and artistic expression.
Due to a variety of reasons, including many students missing school recently due to illness, we have seen an increase lately in missing work. This may be a good time to check PowerSchool with your child and talk about any assignments they may have fallen behind on. While we are doing our best to reach out to students who have late or missing work, we also expect students to show the responsibility necessary to stay on top of their assignments.  Please encourage your child to talk to any of the 5th grade team if they are struggling with this issue.
Please view the CryptoClub flyer if your student is interested in joining Ms. Turner to learn more about Cryptology (coding with math)! 4-sessions are starting February 22nd.