Update September 25, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Only a few more days until Earthkeepers for our class! Here are some reminders:

  • The venue for Earthkeepers is Lockhart Nature Center in Lake Forest.
  • The field trip is Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Students need to bring a water bottle, snack, and cold lunch.
  • Students need to bring outdoor gear appropriate for the weather.
  • Students need to bring their school backpack each day.

If you have any additional questions about the field trip, please send me a note.

Academics last week:

Last week we reviewed folktales and several CAFE strategies, including checking for understanding, inferring, and understanding dialect.  Students were introduced to the concept of story arcs to plan a narrative story.  In math we spent the week reviewing place value, factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers.  In science students watched a video on nature’s engineer, the beaver, which outlined the incredible adaptations of this mammal, allowing it to construct not only dams but also to create new wetland habitats.  Students also created plants and animals for the Wetland Habitat mural.

Academics this week (note that our “academic” time will be reduced due to the field trip):

ELA:  This week we will lay the groundwork for our mythology unit.  Students will learn to distinguish between myths, legends, and folktales, and they will be introduced to the structure of myths and will begin a whole-class novel with mythology as a theme.  We will be reading Underworlds, The Battle Begins.  Each child will have a book provided by the school to use to complete the unit. Students will receive a folder with the unit lessons and expectations for each session.  Your student will be expected to read and do the accompanying activities by the due dates.  They may find it necessary to complete unfinished work at home and return it to school the next day.  Due dates will be noted at the top of the assignments.  There will be no spelling or Writers’ Workshop this week due to the field trip.

Math:  We will move on to Multi-step word problems with a pre-assessment and work with base 10 blocks.  In addition, students will review rounding with practice pages on Tuesday night.

Social Studies:  We will leave our study of Illinois habitats for a bit and learn how history is recorded.  Our first lessons are on interviewing skills and timelines.  Students will receive materials to create their own personal timelines on Tuesday. The timelines will be due on October 3, 2016.

Environmental Ed:  EARTHKEEPERS!

Specials:  We will not have specials on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning.

Dates to Remember:

9/26:    Hearing Screening

9/28: Parent-Staff Book Club, Mindsets for Parents.  Meet at 6:00 in Muir Hall.

9/28-9/29:  Earthkeeper field trip

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Green Apple Day of Service.  With the help of families, The Green Team constructed seven garden benches with storage.  Look for them around the campus!

Enjoy the week!

Cynthia McGovern