Update September 24, 2017

Dear Third Grade Families,

This will be short and sweet since we’re headed to Petpalooza in Lake Villa in a half hour.  Maybe we will see some of you there.  Nala would LOVE to meet you!

Last week:  It was hot, hot, hot, and we were full-steam ahead on all our assignments.  Students learned about the functions of the ear and created beautiful posters to explain how the ear works. We finished Unit 1 in math and moved on to Unit 2:  Beginning multiplication concepts.  In reading we finished a mini unit on American Tall Tales and wrapped up our read-aloud:  The Hundred Dresses.  We also completed several lessons on proper paragraph formation, topic sentences, and supporting sentences.

Housekeeping:  Please remember to provide a water bottle for your child.  PE is outside several times each week and Mr. Flinn encourages children to stay hydrated at all times.  Also, if your child misses any school for any reason, please notify the office, Mrs. Krissek, and me.  Let us know if we can send absent work home with another child or sibling.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop we are planning to continue our study of the theme of compassion and kindness with extension activities for The Hundred Dresses.  If you happen to have a copy at home, please send it with  your child.  Although I did read it to them, having several copies for reference this week will be beneficial.  Students will complete a story analysis, vocabulary activities, character trait graphic organizers, a writing prompt, and take a “traditional” quiz based on the story.  Guided reading groups are all reading National Geographic Explore magazines for children. I will focus instruction on text features, comprehension, and vocabulary.  Spelling:  Core words are:  way, find, use, may, water, long, little, very, after, words.  Content words are:  equation, factor, product, multiple, and multiplication.  In Writers’ Workshop, students will begin the week with a lesson on time-order words, then we will launch into our first narrative writing unit.  Students will spend the next few weeks crafting personal narratives, taking their work through all the stages of writing:  collecting ideas, choosing an idea, drafting their first story, and REVISING that story many times over.  Finally students will edit and publish their story.  We will practice keyboarding on Wednesday.  I have noticed that this is the first class that I’ve had that has not been exposed to the keyboard. I think that touchscreen use has decreased the need to keyboarding skills in students. However, they will need to keyboard and type efficiently in order to learn to word process and complete many assignments and online assessments.  I am going to add typing web practice to our daily homework practice, several times a week.  I will be sure to only assign it on days when there is no math homework.  Your child knows how to access the website, sign in, and practice.  PLEASE watch to be sure that he or she is using the home row keys all the time.

Math:  We are going to begin multiplication with understanding the foundation of counting objects in groups.  For example:  six groups of four is 6 X 4.  Students will also skip count by multiples to arrive at the answer.  We will have a new Work Place (game) and practice addition and subtraction with games from Unit 1.  Students will also use IXL to review and practice skills in many areas.  Students all start at the same point in IXL, then based on their success, they progress through the third grade math skills.  More practice = more progress.  Kudos to the students who are practicing at home.  I get notifications daily for those who are taking the responsibility to progress.  We will have Rocket Math check-ins this week too, so work on the multiplication facts with your child.

Science:  In Science we are going to continue our look at sound, concepts are:  the science of music, volume, and pitch.  Students will complete a reading activity on Thursday too.  We will miss science on Friday due to the Field Trip.

Environmental Ed:  Our outdoor experience will be solo spots this week.  Students have been working on using their observation skills to create illustrations that look more “scientific” than “cartoon”.  Many students even borrowed field guides over the weekend to practice at home.  Don’t overlook field guides as a text that your child will enjoy.  Libraries have many types.

Field Trip:  We leave for “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” at 9:15 on Friday morning.  It is critical that your child understand that best behavior is expected.  Please help your child pick out a comfortable, yet appropriate outfit for the play.  Students usually enjoy dressing up a bit more than usual for an event such as this.  We will be back around noon, so lunch and recess will be delayed. There will be no snack on Friday.

Dates to Remember:

9/26:  School Board Meeting, 7 pm

9/29:  Field Trip to CLC, 9:15 am

9/30:  Green Team Roadside Clean Up, 9:00 am.  Meet at Rollins Savannah, Drury Lane entrance.

10/3:  Green Challenge Assembly

10/9:  Columbus Day, No School

Have a great day!

Cynthia McG