Update October 29, 2017

Dear Third Grade Families,

Wow! What a difference a week makes when it comes to the weather!  We have a happy Bernese Mountain Dog at our house.  (Not so happy owner though…)

Housekeeping:  In keeping with the weather trend, please continue to help your child choose weather gear that will keep him or her toasty warm and comfortable in the classroom.  Our classroom is cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  I would suggest sending in a sweatshirt or sweater than can remain at school.

Halloween Festivities update:  The high on Tuesday will be 42 degrees, all students should be aware of the temperature and we are recommending that they wear the costume over their clothing for the parade and party.  I will open the windows so we do not overheat during the party.  Also, if you are coming to the classroom during the party, please assist with the different stations, passing food, or cleaning up.  The parade will begin around 1:45 and the party around 2:15.  You must sign in at the office and wear a visitor sticker if you are coming to the classroom.  If Mrs. Schaefer tells you otherwise, that is fine.  After the room is back in order, you may leave with your child after you check out with me.  Can’t wait!

Academics this week:

Literacy:  Readers’ Workshop:  We are trying something new this week.  I have located an online source for leveled text and students will use the Chromebooks to read and answer questions.  The selections this week are all on Explorers.  We will have a Halloween history lesson on Tuesday. In guided reading students will meet back in their small groups and work on informational text.  Please check your child’s Take Home folder to see if there might be work that should be completed before the next day.  Due dates will be written on the top of individual pages.  Spelling:  Core words are:  help, put, different, away, again, off, went, old, number, great.  Content words are:  Halloween, pumpkin, trick, treat, ghost.  Writers’ Workshop:  Cursive practice will include:  connecting the m and n, review of all letters, and a print to cursive activity.  Students will also continue to work on their rough draft on yellow paper with attention to:  paragraphs, dialogue, strong verbs, and trying out new leads.  They are very anxious to write final copies, but it is imperative that they understand that revision and editing can really make a story come alive.

Math:  This week we are going to work on three digit addition and subtraction.  We will begin with exploring several strategies that are “non-traditional”, but rest assured, they will practice the traditional algorithm.  We will use story problems as our context, so when the homework comes, please review any story problems with them so they can choose the correct operation (addition or subtraction).  Many story problems have more than one step also and the first answer is used in the final answer.  Work Places are scheduled for four days next week and homework will be sent home on Wednesday and Friday. We will have Rocket Math as time allows.

Social Studies:  This week students are completing a small group project on a timeline.  Then they will transition to the Explorer project.  I postponed beginning the project since some students needed extra time to collect materials.  We have the “Living Portrait” day scheduled for November 15 in the afternoon.  This is the day when students are going to present to another classroom in costume as if they are the explorer.  If this date changes, I will let you know pronto.

Environmental Education:  This week we are heading outside on Thursday afternoon to Solo Spots.  Our focus will be signs of the changing seasons.

CANDY DONATIONS:  Drop off extra candy in the office from November 1-3 and we will see that it gets to our deployed servicemen and women for a holiday treat!  Who knows, maybe some of your candy will go my daughter in Tunisia!

Specials:  You will have to view each teacher’s webpage for their updates.

Dates to Remember:

10/31:  Halloween Festivities:  parade @ 1:45 and party @2:15

11/1:  Early release @1:00

11/3:  End of the trimester (how can this be??)

11/7:  Green Challenge Assembly

11/10:  Report cards go home

11/10:  Veteran’s Day celebration at school

Enjoy your week and I hope to see you around school on Tuesday!


Cynthia McG