Update October 22, 2017

Dear Parents,

Busy week again, aren’t they all that way?

Housekeeping:  Nothing really new here…Watch the weather and please send your child with the appropriate clothing every day.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  Readers’ Workshop:  This week we will wrap up The Chocolate Touch.  Each day check your child’s assignment notebook to see if he or she has any leftover work to finish at home.  Most students are completing the work at school, so there is no need to work at home.  Spelling:  Core words:  must, because, does, part, even, place, well, such, here, take. Content words: saga, peninsula, port, Renaissance, compass.  Writers’ Workshop:  Students will continue to gather ideas and plan their personal narratives.  I am going to introduce the Story Arc, which is a very traditional way to plan a story.  They will practice placing a story with a mentor text (Cinderella) and then will place one of their seed ideas on a story arc.  Then they will take it off the arc and write on yellow draft paper.  We will continue to work on mechanics, paragraph formation, and dialogue.

Math:  We are wrapping up Unit 2 this week.  We will test out early in the week and begin Unit 3.  Unit 3 is all about harder Addition and Subtraction with longer, multi-digit numbers.  We will begin with rounding (which we have practiced already!) to the nearest ten and hundred.  There will be a lot of work places (games) in the beginning of this unit.  Students will still continue to practice their multiplication facts to establish fluency, so keep working on this at home.  We are not there yet!  Remind your child to access IXL when ever possible.  Working through the skills in order is a good strategy, but as you look over the skills, there will be some that can directly help with multiplication, so you should consider practicing those skills too.

Social Studies:  This week our Explorer unit will have two focuses: 1) to continue to learn about several specific explorers and 2) to begin our Explorer Report.  The explorers that we will add to our list are Juan Ponce de Leon, Giovanni Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, and Hernando DeSoto.  Students will begin work on their reports mid-week, so please be sure to have those books and website print-outs at school early in the week!  As we move closer to the final copies, I will give more information on final due dates.  Since this is the first time we have done something of this magnitude, I would like to build in flexibility.

Environmental Education:  On Thursday, Ms. Naomi, will be leading another lesson for us!  We are so excited to have her come to the classroom since she is such a wealth of information.  She will be leading a lesson on the compass and how the early explorers used the compass for navigation on the seas.

Spanish:  There will be a Spanish test on Tuesday.  Please refer to Senora’s teacher page or your child’s Spanish folder for more information.

Dates to Remember:

10/24:  Begin Anti-Bullying Week

10/24:  School Board Meeting, 7 pm

10/31:  Halloween Parade and Party:  1:45 start time

11/1:  Early Release

11/1- 11/3:  Green Team Candy Collection

11/3:  End of Trimester One

11/10:  Report Cards

Have a great week!

Cynthia McG