Update November 6, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Here is a notice from administration…

The first trimester ended November 4th. The parent portal will be turned off November 2nd through November 11th for teachers to prepare first trimester report cards. You will not be able to sign in or receive emailed progress reports during that time. Report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 11th.

I will be sending a link to fall conference sign ups on Friday after school.  We are using Sign Up Genius this time.  So look for that email after school on Friday.  Remember that fall conferences are student attended.

We will celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali,  on Wednesday November 9th in the Prairie Crossing barn.  Each student is encouraged to wear clothing that reflects their ethnic background or dressier clothing.

  • Dance – Students will learn a few moves of garbha  or bhangra while listening to traditional music.
  • Craft Coloring/Henna – Students will get henna tattoos and color their own coloring page to learn more about the art of rangoli.
  • Craft Rangoli – Students will make their own rangoli.
  • Photobooth – Students will learn about traditional clothes, try them on, and take photo to commemorate the holiday.
  • Food – Students will get to try a savory snack and a sweet snack. For sweet, we have gulab jamun. For savory, we will serve namak pare or samosas. For those with gluten and nut allergies we will be serving idli with sambar. It is a very small sample and should not be seen as a meal.

On Friday the school is planning a Veteran’s Day celebration.  We will meet in the gym at 8:30 am and all families are welcome to join us.

Academics this week:

ELA: In Readers’ Workshop students will continue their study of glaciers with information text readings in guided reading groups.  We are running five guided reading groups this year.  The schedule will be flexible to accommodate so many groups.  Please check your child’s assignment notebook and take home folder for reading homework.  In addition to reading, we will study grammar during Readers’ Workshop.  This week’s focus will be on punctuation, subjects/predicates, and simple subjects.   Additional Spelling Words:  Core Words:  tall, alone, bottom, check, reading, fall, poor, map, friend, language.  Content Words: agriculture, natural resources, recycle, refuge, reservoir.  In Writers’ Workshop, students are typing out their narrative stories.  We will bind them into anthologies for each student to enjoy.  Ms. Hahn’s class will join us for a Writers’ Celebration on Friday morning.

Math:  Our last few math lessons took more time than expected, so this week we are playing games in stations on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will review for the math assessment which will be on Thursday.  On Wednesday I will send home a completed practice page to review for Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will continue our study of Illinois with lessons on climate, natural vs. human features, natural resources, agricultural products, and coal as a natural resource.

Service Learning:  We are working on a Problem Based Learning project to learn how we can help the pollinators in our schoolyard.  We had a beekeeper, Ann Miller, join us on Thursday to share information on bees.  Every few weeks we will add to our stash of information, frame a question, and research solutions.  By January we should have a project in mind and how to carry it out.

Specials:  All specials should will meet as usual.

Green Team Update:  The OWL PROWL is coming…


Dates to Remember:

11/9:     Diwali Celebration

11/11:    Veteran’s Day Assembly, 8:30

11/11:     Report Cards go home

11/11:     Conference Sign Up (link sent after school)

11/16:     Farm to Table lunch

11/21:     Conferences (2-8)  and Book Fair

11/22:    Conferences (2-6) and Book Fair

11/23:    Thanksgiving Break begins

Have a great week!

Cynthia McGovern