Update November 5, 2017

Dear Third Grade Families,

I want to extend a BIG thank you to all the parents who helped make the Halloween party successful.  Next time you see Grandma Judy, thank her for spearheading the effort to organize the day for the kids.

Housekeeping:  Be sure to check the weather.  Daily.  It changes so quickly right now and we want all children to be comfortable both inside and outside.  The classroom is chilly in the morning and students should dress in layers every day.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  This week in Readers’ Workshop we will finish up the Readworks explorer set and try a new online program called  Newsela.  This online reading resource uses current news to create on-level age appropriate texts for students.  The great thing about this resource is that I can change the levels for different readers and articles come from history, sciences, and art, as well as current events.  Guided reading groups are finishing up their informational reading this week.  Core words are:  fell, men, say, small, every, found, still, between, should, home.  Content words are:  attract, repel, magnet, magnetic, nonmagnetic. In Writers’ Workshop, students will edit their rough drafts for spelling errors and capital letters, peer conference, and write a second draft.  Once the second draft has been completed and proofread, students will then write a final draft and illustrate.

Math:  Math this week will include subtraction stories and discussing several strategies to use to arrive at the final answer.  There will be a “checkpoint” to assess their progress in addition and subtraction with three digit numbers on Wednesday.  Then we will move on to harder expanded notation and how to use it to understand addition and subtraction.  We will have work places (games) each day Tuesday through Friday.  Home Connections will be sent home on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please check your child’s work for accuracy and allow him to change the answers.  We will have Rocket Math as time allows.

Social Studies:  This week students will complete the research and bibliography phase of the Explorer biography project.  There will be an Explorer Test on Tuesday.  The format will be matching and fill in the blank.  We will take a brief vacation from this project to allow students who have fallen behind to complete the research at home.  Next week students will practice their presentation and participate in the Living Biography on Thursday, November 16th in the afternoon.

Science:  This week we will begin our Magnet unit.  We choose to study magnets during the Explorer unit since explorers used magnets in compasses for navigation.  Our lessons this week will include a demonstration called “The Floating Paper Clip” which demonstrates the power of magnets, an experiment to determine what is magnetic and what isn’t, and we will have a second compass lesson with Naomi.

Spanish:  Senora will give the students a quick pronoun check On Friday.

Dates to Remember:

11/7:  Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15 am

11/10:  Report Cards

11/10:  Veteran’s Day Celebration

11/15:  Farm 2 Table

11/20 and 11/21:  Conferences, Early Release both days

11/22- 11/24:  No school in observance of Thanksgiving

Enjoy your week!

Cynthia McG