Update November 12, 2017

Dear Third Grade Families,

Welcome to Winter!  We were totally caught off guard by the Arctic blast on Friday morning.  I have to admire the students’ stamina: we attended the Veteran’s Day celebration Lake Leopold, participated in the flag retirement ceremony, navigated an outdoor compass course, and hiked for several active service members…all before 12:00!

Housekeeping:  Please be sure to send in extra layers for your child.  Some ingenious students were wearing their rain pants and extra clothing from their lockers in order to stay warm on Friday.

Supplies at home:  It has come to our attention that some students do not have supplies at home and ask to borrow materials from school.  Please see that your child has access to pencils, erasers, notebook paper, crayons, and colored pencils at home.  If you are unable to provide these, please let us know.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop students are going to begin a unit on text features.  Text features are found in informational texts:  Diagrams, photos, illustrations, captions, etc.  In Guided Reading groups students are reading classic novels like Homer Price and The Chalkbox Kid.  Students will receive a packet similar to the one used for The Chocolate Touch.  Each time that we meet in a small group, we will review the work previously completed and preview the next assignment.  Students will write the due dates at the top of their page.  Comprehension questions will be recorded on separate notebook paper.  Spelling:  Core Words are:  big, give, air, line, set, own, under, read, last, never.  Content words are from our new science unit:  force, poles, north, south, compass.  Writers’ Workshop:  This week we wrap up our personal narratives and we will begin to lay the foundation for informational writing.  The work that the students just completed on their Explorer will help them to understand how to find main ideas and details for their writing.

Math:  Last week we used number lines to visually display subtraction strategies.  Students worked on “removal” and “difference” representations on number lines.  This week we will work on travel problems on Monday and then we will explore the traditional algorithms for addition and subtraction.  We will be sure to demonstrate with concrete objects (unit cubes) for a visual understanding of the concept and then move on to pencil and paper practice.  The plans this week do not afford us time for IXL, so any additional time for practice at home is appreciated. Homework will go home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Keep practicing the multiplication facts with your child, we will have Rocket Math as time allows.

SS:  This week students will prepare for their Explorer presentation.  They have completed the review questions and will transfer them to cards on Tuesday and practice on Wednesday with one another.  We will partner up with Mrs. Larson’s class on Thursday afternoon for presentations.

Science:  This week we are going to have a few lessons on magnets and understanding magnetic forces and magnet strengths.  Each lesson has an experiment which will be easily recreated at home with common supplies.

Environmental Education:  This week is Solo Spots and we will be outside on Thursday afternoon.  Watch the weather!

Conferences:  Student-attended conferences are on November 20 and 21.  Please let me know if you have any issues signing up with Sign Up Genius.  I can reserve a space for you if need be.  If you are going to be out of town for an extended family Thanksgiving, please let me know and we will schedule an appointment during the next week.

Dates to Remember:

11/15:  Farm to Table

11/18:  Green Apple Day of Service

11/20 – 11/21:  Early Release and Student-Attended Conferences AND Book Fair

11/22 – 11/24:  No School

12/2:  Holiday Marketplace at the PCCS gym

I am looking forward to meeting with you and your child next week.  Conferring is the best way to help your child succeed!


Cynthia McG