Update May 7, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Thank you to every volunteer who made our Native American Immersion Week successful.  This was a particularly tough week due to the changeable weather.  If you see Mrs. Krissek and Mrs. Germata, give them a BIG thank you for tending the fire on cooking days.  I hope that your child came home each night with fantastic stories and a happy heart. I know that I did!


Housekeeping:  We are completely out of tissues.  If you could donate a box, that would be great, especially if your child is a nose-blower or has allergies.  AND you may pick up your tools from my back porch anytime.  Please check to be sure that you have your own!

Coming up this week:

ELA:  In reading we will finish our Hate That Cat poetry unit and begin reading informational text about weather and climate.  We will wrap up pronoun and dialog study in grammar.  Spelling core words are:  anyone, rule, science, afraid, women, produce, pull, son, meant, broken.  Content words are:  Congress, delegate, reject, reservation, treaty. In Writers’ Workshop students will begin the end of the year writing assessments.  We will complete three samples that will be added to their assessment folders and passed along to teachers next year.  They will complete a personal narrative, a persuasive essay, and a short informational essay.  Both the persuasive and the informational essays will have readings to accompany them.

Math:  We are wrapping up our decimal unit this week and will test out on Friday.  We will spend the beginning of the week reviewing and preparing with solving money word problems and completing a study guide on Wednesday. Students can use the study guide to prepare for the test on Friday.  There will be homework on Monday night and Thursday night.  We are also closing in on the end of Rocket Math.  Students will continue to practice and test several days this week.

SS:  This week we begin with our mock trial, The Three Bears are bringing a suit against Goldilocks for violating the rules of proper etiquette and she has been charged with Bad Manners.  It has been very interesting to watch the children change their minds as we read through the script.  The jury will decide her guilt or innocence!  After the trial we will jump back into Illinois history and follow the trail to statehood.

Science:  In reading we are preparing for our climate and weather unit.  Beginning May 15, we will learn what defines weather and climate, what creates weather and climate, learn about major weather events, and discuss how communities prepare (or don’t) for extreme weather.

Earthkeepers:  Several students did not totally finish the S Key requirements, although they handed in their work on time.  The text of the contract and yellow book states:  “choose two ways of sharing you experience” and “help someone”, “introduce someone”, “take someone”, “make and bury a time capsule”.  These all indicate that the plans that the children created and wrote about need to be implemented.  Many students wrote, “I would” or “I will” and they need to actually “do” their plans.  I am sending these home for completion tomorrow.  Please tell your child to actually do their plans and add that information to their essays.  They can return them on May 15 then.  If they “do” one a day and write what they “did”, then they will have completed the assignment.

Specials:  Please refer to the specials’ teachers webpages for their individual updates.

Field Trip:  We are traveling to Old World Wisconsin this Thursday.  At this time the weather prediction is for partly sunny skies with a high of 66 degrees.  That could change, so we need to be prepared.  It is a totally outside field trip, so students will need to bring the proper gear.  As far as lunches go…students may bring their lunchboxes since we store them until lunchtime.  Please try to honor trash free and avoid nuts.

Dates to Remember:

5/10:  Farm to Table

5/11:  Old World Wisconsin Field Trip, 8:15-3:15

5/12:  Green Team Campfire, 7 pm

5/13:  Green Team Highway Clean-Up, 9-11 am.  Contact Ms. Naomi to RSVP

5/13:  Plant Sale at PC Farm, 10 am-1 pm

5/15:  NWEA Reading (this is a new time for us)

5/17:  NWEA Math

5/18:  Empty Classroom Day (not sure what we are doing yet…)

5/25 or 5/26:  Bike Hike (depends on weather of course)

5/30:  Field Day (look for volunteer opportunities coming soon)

5/31:  Illinois Beach State Park field trip and S Key ceremony

6/1:  Graduation

6/2:  PBIS celebration, move-up day, and last day of school

Have a great week!