Update May 22, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

This may be the last news update of the school year since next weekend we are out of town with no internet or cell phone service. I will give expectations for two weeks.

Housekeeping:  Please be sure to pay attention to the weather report this week.  It looks like it will be cloudy and rainy.  We are still planning outdoor activities like journaling and gardening.  Please check your child’s backpack every night for the next two weeks.  We will be slowly sending home unused school supplies and student work.

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop we will finish up our poetry unit and students will work on their independent reading projects.  On Tuesday they will get the outline for the final project for their book.  It is a “memory bag” and they will fill it with items from home that relate to their book.  The memory bag is due on May 30, 2017.  Look for the project overview to come home on May 23, 2017.  Spelling:  This week is the last spelling sort of the year.  Core words are:  king, similar, return, corn, decide, position, bear, hope, song, engine.  Content words are:  climate, weather, precipitation, hazard, region.  In Writers’ Workshop we will finish up our poetry journals.

Math:  For math we will use circular protractors to construct and measure angles.  We will also learn to distinguish between angle measures and length measurement.  Many students have the misconception that angle vary when the length of the drawn rays vary.  We will then move one to identify and measure angles as turns in recognize them in various contexts.  On May 30, we will have a quiz on angles and using protractors.  This will be the last quiz in math this year.  We will send home the Rocket Math folder contents this week.

Science/SS:  Students are going to finish up their regional climate project this week and will present their projects on Friday.  We will also return to Illinois Our Home and finish up farming technological advances in our state.

Gardening:  We harvested our lettuce last week and this week we are going to begin planting our Three Sisters garden.  In the past we have had a hard time with the “timing” of the growth of the squash, beans, and corn and usually one or the other takes over the beds, choking out the others.  This year we plan to plant the seeds and seedlings in their own beds.

NWEA makeups:  Students will be scheduled to complete NWEA tests this week.

Bike Hike:  We are going to take our bike hike this Thursday, May 25 from 8:30 – 11:00.  Please drop your child’s bike off at the Comstock parking lot.  Have them put them around the garden on the path.  All students must have a helmet.  Please pick up your child’s bike at the bike rack prior to carpool.  If our plans change we will let you know.

Earthkeepers:  Remember that we are going to Illinois Beach State Park on May 31 for hiking, journaling, and the final Earthkeeper S Key ceremony.  We will be outside all day, so be sure to check the weather for May 31.

Field Day:  Our field day is on May 30 from 9-11 am.  Parents are invited to contact the PE teachers to help out.  We will also have our class picnic that day.  Be sure to check your child’s Friday folder sent home on May 19 for more information on the picnic and cost.

PBIS celebration:  The last day of school, June 2, will be the school-wide PBIS celebration.

Move-up Day:  Also on the last day of school, our students will visit the fifth grade classrooms.  This is designed to ease the transition to fifth grade.

Specials:  Please check the specials teachers’ webpages for end-of-the-year updates.

Dates to Remember:

5/23:  Bee Friendly Parent Night, 6-7 pm

5/23:  School board meeting, 7pm

5/25:  Bike Hike, 8:30 – 11am

5/30: Field Day, 9-11am and picnic, 11:30

5/31:  Illinois Beach State Beach field trip


6/2:  Last day of school, Early Release