Update May 20, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

This will be the last weekly update for this year.  Please check your email for additional last minute messages however.

Housekeeping:  As we wind down this school year, we will send home school supplies and completed work with your child.  Please keep leftover supplies for fourth grade.  We will keep your child’s nature journal, writing journal, and phenology journal.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  This week students will continue to work on Readworks text set with an engineering theme.  Guided reading groups will complete novel studies this week.  Grammar will be a review of adjectives, articles, commas, and quotation marks.  Spelling core words are:  notice, can’t strong, voice, probably, area, horse, matter, stand, box.  Content words are Sacagawea, Jefferson, Fort Mandan, Fort Clatsop, Shoshone.  Writers’ Workshop:  Students will continue to work with Natalie Rompelia to complete a letter to President Jefferson describing new discoveries on the prairie.  On Friday we will share our letters with Ms. Hahn’s class.

Math:  In math we will complete our STEM unit with creating suspension bridges and then we will analyze data on bridge strength to create graphs.  Students will also sort bridge types according to shapes and create categories.  Our final mini unit in math will introduce several alternative strategies for multiplying multi-digit numbers.  The strategies will include:  partial products, lattice, and traditional.

Social Studies:  This week we will continue the Lewis and Clark simulation.  Each day students rotate roles and complete tasks to earn Expedition Cards to progress down the Missouri River and race to the Pacific Ocean.  The simulation will continue until next week when students will engage in a Lewis and Clark Immersion Day next Tuesday afternoon. Students will also enjoy a lesson on the colonial naturalist, William Bartram with Ms. Naomi this Thursday afternoon.

Specials:  Please contact each individual teacher for updates.

Dates to Remember:

5/28:  No School, Memorial Day

5/29:  Field Day, am

5/29:  Lewis and Clark Immersion Day, pm

5/31:  8th Grade Graduation, 6:30 pm

6/1:  PBIS End-of-Year Celebration and Early Release

There is still so much to do to finish out this year, please let your child know that we will finish the year strong!


Cynthia McG