Update May 14, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Sorry that this is coming to you late.  My kids came over early today and wanted to get the garden in before it got too hot.  Gardening is all done!  Veggies in and new lilac planted.  Mulch and trimming done too.  Great time with my sons.

Last week was super busy for us.  We finally hung the bee house on Friday afternoon.  The bees began to emerge in my fridge and I was really pleased that the remaining piece of our house arrived on Thursday.  Remember that we are hosting a family information night on May 23 from 6-7.  Students have prepared a slide show and we will take a tour to the bee house.  I will check to see if they want to do a RSVP.  I know that they think that refreshments are a must!

Academics this week:

ELA:  This week I am introducing an Independent Reading Project that they will complete at school and at home.  I have chosen several books from our book stash for them to choose from.  I would like them to read books that I am familiar with and there are several popular ones.  Mrs. Krissek and I will continue to administer Fountas and Pinnell tests and have them done by the end of the week.  We have a tad bit more left in our poetry unit and students are working to add final drafts to their poetry journals.  Spelling core words are:  interest, chance, thick, sight, pretty, train, fresh, break, bought, method.  Content words (from math):  point, line segment, angle, parallel, perpendicular. We will continue to work on final writing assessments with the focus on informational text.  I am going to be using writing time to catch up on Illinois history.

Math:  In Math we begin our geometry unit:  points, line segments, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and measuring angles.  There will be homework several nights this week.  The unit will be a bit easier in the beginning since it is basic geometry principles.  We will still have Rocket Math, so be sure to keep working with your child.

Social Studies:  In our text, Illinois Our Home, we are reading chapter 7 with lessons on new technologies in transportation:  stagecoach and steam boat.  Students will also read up on farm tool advancements:  the reaper invented by McCormick and John Deere’s self-scouring plow.

Science:  In science we will begin our final unit on Climate and Weather.  Students will be engaged in a partner project to research and create a tri-fold lapbook on climate and weather in a distant community.  Communities will be a mix, but will represent all continents and hemispheres.  The standard is to understand that weather and climate varies from region to region.  (Yes, there are places other than Florida that are warm when we are cold!)  This project is intended to be completed in class using our chromebooks.

Specials:  See individual teachers’ webpages for updates.  Field Day for K-4 is on May 30.  We are scheduled in the am.

NWEA:  Our NWEA tests are this week:  We will complete Reading on Monday morning and Math on Wednesday afternoon.

Dates to Remember:

5/22: Erin’s Law  presentation

5/23:  Bee Friendly Parent information night, 6-7pm

5/23:  School board meeting, 7pm

5/25 or 5/26:  Bike Hike

5/30: Field Day and Class Picnic, am

5/31:  Illinois Beach State Park field trip, all day

6/1:  Graduation

6/2:  Early Release

Have a great week, looks like it may be a nice warm one!