Update May 13, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful moms!

Thank you to everyone who made our Teacher Appreciation Week so special.  We enjoyed treats, flowers, and even a short massage!  The best week in school!

Housekeeping:  Watch the weather!  Mother Nature is a trickster and she has pulled some fast ones over the last few weeks!

Academics this week:

Literacy:  Readers’ Workshop:  This week we will support our Math STEM unit on bridges with reading several articles in Readworks on structures built by people.  We will also work on prepositions in grammar.  Guided Reading groups will return to their novels this week, so be sure to check that your child is caught up before their guided reading time.  You will know that they have work to do if they bring home a novel and a packet in a big ziplock bag.  Spelling words:  anything, hold, state, list, stood, hundred, ten, fast, felt, kept.  Core words:  latitude, longitude, scale, Lewis, Clark.  In Writing we will continue to work with Natalie Rompelia on creating detailed journal entries in conjunction with our Lewis and Clark unit.

Math:  In our Bridges curriculum we will work on building model bridges this week.  (See the attached list of items needed ASAP.)  We will begin with beam bridges and move on to arch bridges and suspension bridges later in the week.  I will also squeeze in a lesson on lattice multiplication.  Homework will be sent on Wednesday and Friday.

SS:  Students will begin their Lewis and Clark simulation in full force early in the week.  We will focus on latitude and longitude, understanding the rules of the simulation, working with their “corps” to complete the first steps of a day on the expedition, and to accurately complete the captain’s log.

NWEA:  We will have the NWEA Map test this week.  Tuesday is ELA and Thursday is Math, both of which will be given in the afternoon.  We will be sure to provide a good movement break prior to the tests.

Specials:  There is a Spanish test on May 15.  Ask your student about the content.  Please check the other special teachers’ webpages for additional information.

ABC Countdown:  Refer to the list that you posted on your fridge!

Penny Wars:  Send pennies in on Thursday, May 17.  We are collecting pennies for the water filter donations.

Need for Math ASAP:  paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, cereal box front/back, other paperboard/cardboard flat pieces, newspaper, raw spaghetti, twist ties, gum drops, stale full-size marshmallows, 0.5 liter water bottles.

Dates to Remember:

5/14: Taste of the World, 1:00 pm

5/15, 5/17:  NWEA Map tests, pm

5/16 – 5/18:  Textile Drive, drop off in am and pm carpool

5/28:  Memorial Day, no school

5/29:  Field Day and Class Picnic

5/31:  8th Grade Graduation

6/1:  Last Day, Early Release

If you have any questions about the end-of-the-year activities, please send us an email.


Cynthia McG