Update March 5, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

We are up north this weekend, or as they say in Maine, “We are up ta camp.” We zipped up on Friday to attend a Saturday meeting and then play bingo to support the re-stocking of the lake.  Needless to say, this is going to be short and sweet.

Last week Mr. Z visited us and complimented our students on their hard work during a recent lesson that he observed.  He also reminded us that we only have 12 weeks of school left…so that means 12 short weeks to prepare for the transition to fifth grade!

Housekeeping:  We need more tissues.

Academics last week:

  • Began our Little House novel study
  • Worked on vocabulary development (synonyms, antonyms, analogies)
  • Wrapped up a persuasive essay (all typed up)
  • Flash drafted a persuasive essay
  • Adjectives in grammar
  • Multiplied fractions…yes, there was more to do to master this skill.
  • Modified a taco recipe using multiplication
  • Began an informational writing project (history book)
  • Awesome fossil lesson with Ms. Naomi
  • Began our Pioneer simulation
  • Prepared for Student Led Conferences

Academics this week:


  • Reading: This week we will continue our novel study using Little House on the Prairie.  Students will be assigned several chapters at a time, with two days to complete the reading.  Then we will check for understanding, discuss literary devices, vocabulary, write using a question/prompt set or “packet”.  Students will have two days to complete the packet.  Page assignments and due dates will be noted on a post-it in the front of the book and packet assignments and due dates will be noted on the page that corresponds to the chapters read.
  • Spelling:  Please check your child’s assignment notebook for core and content words for the week.  Word test on Friday.
  • Grammar: We will continue to learn about adjectives, focusing on adjectives that compare and how to properly use them.
  • Writing: If we can squeeze in a writing class to finish our draft our chapter one or to collect notes for chapter two we will.  The early releases on Thursday and Friday always require us to be flexible.


  • This week we are going to test out of Operations With Fractions.  So the kids will be using all their knowledge of equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, operations with fractions to complete the assessment on Tuesday.
  •  The taco math on Friday (and the math work on Monday) integrated all the skills that will be on the assessment.  They will have access to their math notebook as a resource.
  • We will also do some PARCC testing sample problems to prepare for the PARCC tests.
  • The rest of the week will be spent on measurement conversions for English units of length, weight, volume, and time.
  • We almost have 100% of the kids who have graduated to the fraction section of Rocket Math!  What a great group of students!


  • The students will be completing the Pioneer simulation over the next few weeks.  Next week they will be assigned to a wagon train and will begin their journey to the fictitious Hacker’s Valley.  The pioneers will be faced with dangers and delays along the way.

Specials:  Please visit each teacher’s webpage for their updates!

Dates to Remember:

3/7:     Green Challenge Assembly

3/9:     ER, Student Led Conferences

3/10:   ER, Individual Conferences, upon request

3/15:   ER, Teacher Inservice

3/22:   Farm to Table

Enjoy your week!