Update March 4, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

If you do not have plans to be outside today, change them and head outdoors!  Mother Nature is blessing us with another sunny day…before she changes her mood and delivers poor weather on Tuesday!

Housekeeping: Children took home snowpants and rainpants to be washed, please return on Monday.  I think they’ll need them again by midweek.  We still have a bit of fever going around, so please check your child if he or she is not feeling 100% before school. We will continue serious handwashing and germ containment strategies in the classroom until we are fever-free.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop students are meeting more frequently in their guided reading groups and all students are reading “Five Smooth Stones” as part of our social studies unit on the causes of the American Revolution.  Students will be working on linking verbs, commas in a series, and irregular past tense verb forms on IXL in grammar.  Spelling core words are:  later, turn, move, face, door, cut, done, group, true, half.  Content words are:  debt, privacy, smuggle, tyranny, representative.  Students will work on completing their third chapter in their book about their colony during Work on Writing in Readers’ Workshop.

Math:  In Math this week students are going to continue in Unit 6 with investigating polygons.  They will create polygons with toothpicks and record their designs in their journals. use geoboards to make polygons, sort and identify polygons, and wrap up the week with a guessing game, Guess My Quadrilateral.  Math homework will be assigned on Monday and Thursday.  Math IXL practice will be DD-1, DD-2, DD-3, DD-4.

Social Studies:  This week we will begin learning of the causes of the American Revolution.  We have already learned that the colonies were divided when it came to supporting King George; however this week we are going to step back in time as the children become apprentices in colonial Boston and they learn of the various taxes and acts put in place to raise money to pay the war debt in England and to control the colonists.  Once the students are exposed to the news of the act, they will discuss the ramifications on their trade or business and record their reflections in their Patriot Diary.

Student Led Conferences:  This week both Thursday and Friday are early release days to allow for Student Led Conferences and private conferences. On Thursday we will have Student Led Conferences from 2:00 until 7:00.  The sign up was sent out last Friday afternoon, if you did not receive it, please check your email or let me know.   During the week students will be busy sorting and preparing their work to share with you.  This is an exciting time for the students to showcase their work and practice their presentation skills.  I take a backseat in third grade during the conferences and I will be in the room to answer questions, but I do not actively participate in each conference.

Class Reward:  Last week the class added the 30th marble to the marble jar and we polled the students to see how they would like to celebrate. The top winners were:  pajama day, stuffed animal day, ice cream, or movie.  We decided to roll it all into one day!  So on Friday we are watching Johnny Tremain (historical fiction movie) in pajamas with a stuffed animal while having ice cream.  Plan accordingly…

Specials:  There is a Spanish test on Friday.  Content will include the weather unit vocabulary and concepts.  Jump Rope for Heart in on Monday at recess.  Contact the other specials teachers to see what is new with them!

Dates to Remember:

3/7:  Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15 am

3/8:  Early Release, Student Led Conferences, 2-7 pm

3/9:  Early Release, Parent/Teacher Private Conferences, 2-4 pm

3/14:  Early Release, Staff Development

3/15:  Student/Staff Basketball Game, 2:15 pm

Please check the School News Email for more information and school-wide activities.

Have a wonderful week and I will see everyone on Thursday.


Cynthia McG