Update March 12, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

st patty paradeHappy St. Patrick’s Day from Nala!

We attended the Lake Villa St. Patty’s Day parade which has become a family tradition.  We are down to two adults and big dog…so different from previous years.


care club  Care Club is a big hit with our class!  We are looking forward to visiting Save-a-Pet on Tuesday.

taco fridaytacos with Flinn

We loved Taco Friday last week!  Mr. Flinn joined us for lunch.

Academics this week:

ELA:   Readers’ Workshop:  This week we will continue reading our whole-class novel, Little House on the Prairie. Check with your child about the daily assignments.  We are working as a group to pace ourselves so we do not move too quickly or too slowly.  Most students want the opportunity to create a book project before spring break, so we are working hard to stay focused on our task.  Spelling core words are:  temperature, pair, ahead, wrong, practice, sand, tail, wait, difficult, general.  Content words are:  frontier, occupation, livestock, supplies, heirloom. We are also using some of our reading time to prepare for the upcoming PARCC testing in math and reading.  Writers’ Workshop:  This week we are spending a few days working on our books on Illinois history.  Students will have the chance to finish the draft of chapter one:  Introduction to the Bigger Topic.  (For example:  if the book topic is Voyageurs in Illinois, then chapter one should answer the question:  What happened before your topic?  Who are they?  How did they come to the new world?  Why did they come to the new world? etc…)  The second chapter will be about the focused topic. (For example:  Why did the Voyageurs come to Illinois?  How did they get here?  What is important about them? etc…)  We will also write letters to our Clearview book buddies reflecting on a book that both schools will read:  Rosie Revere.

Math:  In math we are going to work with Eureka Math resources for our decimal unit.  The “packets” that come home will be a different format from the Model Math pages.  The packet that comes home will have: 1) math practice from math class that day, 2) exit ticket from that day, and 3) homework due the next day.  Use parts 1 and 2 to guide the homework completion.  The homework almost mirrors the work from math class that day.  Please return the whole packet the next day!  We will be stepping up our required homework to increase our stamina and prepare for fifth grade.  Some kiddos are still working on division facts.  PLEASE help them at home, they need the extra practice!

SS:  In social studies, we are getting on the wagon trains this week and will face the dangers of the long trail to Hacker’s Valley.  Students selected their wagonmasters, filled their wagons with supplies for the journey, and wrote home about their journey to Fort Independence.  Next they will make their way to the first stop, Cheyenne Crossing.

PARCC testing:  We have our first test on Thursday, March 16 in the morning.  We will be taking the test on paper, rather than on computers.  Some students may be placed in a neighboring room due to needed accommodations. Testing will resume the week of March 20.  Watch the webpage updates and check  your child’s assignment notebook for the daily schedule.

Specials:  Wednesday’s special schedule will be compressed due to the Early Release.

Dates to Remember:

3/15:     Early Release

3/16:    PARCC:  Math 1

3/21:    School Board Meeting

3/22:   Farm to Table Lunch


It was wonderful to listen to all the positive feedback from parents during conferences last week.  If you have additional questions, let me know.

Cynthia McGovern