Update January 21, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Welcome to the January thaw!  Keep your eye on the weather this week, it looks like it may be tricky!  Kids will still need to have snowpants to stay dry and clean during this messy week.  Occasional washing will be necessary.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop, students will have several lessons on Grammar with the focus on nouns, possessive nouns, plural possessive nouns, and combining sentences with nouns.  Guided reading groups will have one more week on informational texts before they move on to literature.  Core spelling words are:  country, father, let, night, picture, being, study, second, soon, story.  Content words are:  Mayflower Compact, pilgrim, Plymouth, Wampanoag, religion.  This week students will begin a short unit on Opinion Writing in Writers’ Workshop.  They will be choosing a topic to write about that they are “passionate” about, have some background knowledge, and would be a good choice for this type of writing.  A topic should have pros and cons, and students will have to choose which side of the fence that they are on.  Students will be able to do some research on the topic using the chromebooks at school, but they will be limited in the amount of time that they can take up.  I am going to encourage them to choose something rather mainstream and hopefully “green” to make this easy for them.

Math:  Our new unit is on multiplication and division and understanding the relationship between the two.  We began with arrays last week and will continue to understand how arrays help us to visualize and understand the concept of multiplication.  Students will begin working on word problems using a “Game Store” context for both multiplication and division.  Fact families for multiplication and division are also part of our study this week.  Homework can be expected on Monday (leftover from last week), Wednesday, and Friday.  We will revive Rocket Math this week too.

Science:  We completed our mini unit on energy systems and sources last week.  For now we will put science aside and turn our attention to social studies.

Social Studies:  This week we are going to continue our study some of the earliest colonies of America.  We wrapped up Roanoke last week and began our look at Jamestown.  Students will finish up Jamestown and move on to Plymouth Colony to compare and contrast the motivations behind the settlement of each.  We may have the chance to begin work on the 13 original colonies toward the end of the week.

Specials:  Please check the specials teachers’ webpages for their updates.

Date to Remember:

1/22:  School Choice Assembly and School Spelling Bee, 8:15 am in the gym

1/23:  Third and Fourth Grade Literacy Night, 6:30 pm in the gym

1/23:  School Board Meeting, 7 pm, Upper Wright Schoolhouse

1/24:  Early Release, 1:00 pm

2/2:  TRIVIA NIGHT !! Join us for a fun night in the barn.  See PCCS school newsletter for the sign up.

2/9: 8th Grade Fun Fair, 4-10

Have a great week and Go Ali!

Cynthia McG