Update January 11,2015

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Wow, what a week we had.  Finally the cold snap is over and it is time to return to our fun in the snow.  I think that our new dog, Nala, was the happiest family member since the warmer temperatures meant that she could finally go for a dog walk in the forest preserve this morning!

Housekeeping:  1)  With the extreme cold and flu season we just endured, our tissue supply is dangerously low.  If  you cold donate a box, that would be greatly appreciated.  2)  Be sure that your child has all his or her winter gear when they leave the house.  We had several students without gloves last Friday.

ELA:  This week we will continue integrating and practicing several reading CCSS.  This week we will focus on Informational texts:  reading closely to determine what the text says explicitly and making logical inferences, identify and summarize the main idea, analyze how events and ideas develop over the course of the text, and interpret words and phrases that are used in a text.  Students will have last week’s spelling test on Monday and new sorts will be assigned on Monday.  We will be back on track for testing on Friday.  Writing:  We will continue our opinion piece on Parkour.  I hope that the students will have the yellow copy edited and revised by Friday.  They should be ready to type over the weekend and turn in or January 20th.  Please let me know if you do not have a printer.  You may send the final copy via email to me and I will print it out on Tuesday, the 20th.

Math:  This week we will add Partial Quotient algorithm to our bag of math tricks.  Already in our bag is division using arrays, division using skip counting, division using the calculator to skip count, and breaking apart multiplication.  I will send home a Youtube video homework assignment on Monday that will be due on Wednesday. Additional math homework will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Check the homework calendar for the exact assignment.

Science/Social Studies:  We began our new Science unit on Inherited Traits last week with a look at apples, hair color, and tongue rolling.  This week we will bring it back to animals and study adaptations of hares and rabbits;  fire ants, and koalas.  We will wrap up the week with a game on comparing inherited traits to learned behaviors.

Spelling Bee:  The Spelling Bee is coming soon!  Attached you will find the words to study.  We will have the classroom bee the week of January 20th.  We will send two students to the school bee, which is not scheduled yet.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the class bee, so study up! Spelling Bee Student Study Guide (1)

Dates to remember:  1/12:  Coffee with Administration, 1/19:  No School, MLK Day; 1/21: Early Release, 1/27:  Board Meeting, 1/28:  Farm to Table…AND February 6 is TRIVIA NIGHT!!  Form your team and contact Neil Estrick:  neil@neilestrickgallery.com

This wraps it up for today.  Have a wonderful week!

Cynthia McG