Update February 8, 2015

Greetings Fourth Grade Families,

Hope everyone is enjoying this warmer than usual weekend.  Everyone else in my family is skiing at Alpine Valley and I have dog-sitting duty.  Lucky me!

Housekeeping:  Thanks for the tissues, our little noses thank you!  Send in extra socks this week, kids are sure to have wet feet due to the warmer temperatures and melting snow.

ELA:  Students finished the mini unit on fables by studying fables to find the key points, main idea, and morals. They worked in small groups to present a fable to the class.  This week we return to Informational texts and will focus on CCSS 8,9:  use reasons and evidence to support points in a text and to integrate information from two texts on the same topic.  We are going to use two articles on volcanoes which will support our Earth Processes unit in science.  Guided Reading groups are still working on Classic selections.   Spelling:  Core Words:  test, bad, temperature, pair, ahead, wrong, practice, sand, tail, wait.  Content:  minerals, abrasion, landslide, dissolve, deposition.  Writing:  We had a very successful chrome book writing experience last week.  Students were able to organize opinion writing on an organizer and then write the rough draft directly into the google doc.  Then I could add comments for students to edit and revise.  The final due date on these is Monday, February 9.  Once everyone is done, we will begin CCSS writing standards 6,8:  use technology to produce writing and gather relevant information from print sources through notes taking.  We will use informational texts on earth processes, adaptations, and plant life cycles to create slide shows in the google doc application.

Math:  This week we are making fraction cards that will be used to compare fractions.  Students will play a game called “Capture Fractions”.  This game is similar to war and includes fractions greater than 1.  We will compare fractions by looking at them on a number line as well as in arrays.  Expect homework on Monday and Thursday nights.  Check the homework calendar and the assignment notebook for exact assignments and due dates.  On Tuesday we will check out the PARCC math practice test.  As a group we will work through 17 samples questions.

Science/SS:  We are going to continue our investigations into the rock cycle with an emphasis in weathering: physical and chemical.  Students will also be introduced to the effects of the freezing cycle with a “virtual ranger tour” of Bryce Canyon.  Then on Thursday we will learn about the theory of Continental Drift.  Students will use a video viewing guide and then create a Pangaea puzzle.

Outdoor Ed:  On Wednesday we will spend some time outside in the afternoon working on Phenology Journals.

IMPORTANT:  On Friday, February 13,  we are going to see Frindle, the play.  We are leaving first thing in the morning, so please have your child at school on time.  We will not have a snack that day.  Then in the afternoon, we are holding the Valentine’s Day party, beginning around 2:15.  Mrs. Walsh sent an email to all parents stating that we will have a Valentine card exchange.  (Please do not attach candy to the cards, thanks.)  For the crafts, students need a one quart jar (mason, pickle, etc.) and a toilet tissue tube.  Can’t wait to see what she has planned!

Dates to Remember:

2/13:  Field Trip  (am), Valentine’s Day Party (2:15)

2/16:  No School

2/18:  Early Release, Lottery Open House (7:00)

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation