Update February 5, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Sad weekend at our house, our beautiful black kitty crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday.  She was with us for over 18 years.  We will miss her greatly.


  • Be sure to read up on the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.  All questions should be submitted to Mr. Flinn.
  • PBIS school wide celebration permission forms due ASAP.  They were in the Friday folders.
  • PCCS Fun Fair needs donations of small gently used items for prizes.  Due to Mrs. Jackson by 2/10.
  • Student personal photo to send to our Waukegan Book Buddies.  Due ASAP.

Our laundry list of accomplishments from last week:

  • Read about Fake News in Colonial America and the components of soil
  • Completed practice on verbs and commas in a series
  • Played a new spelling game
  • Completed yellow drafts of our personal essay and began typing them on the chromebooks
  • Changed mixed numerals to improper fractions
  • Changed improper fractions to mixed numerals
  • Played math games to practice moving between improper fractions and mixed numerals
  • Tested out on improper fractions and mixed numerals
  • Pretested on fractions on the number line
  • Performed investigations on physical weathering and chemical weathering of rocks
  • Performed investigations on identifying minerals
  • Went to Solo Spots in Muir Hall garden

Academic this week:

ELA: In Readers’ Workshop we will continue to read in our Soil, Rocks, and Landforms text.  Students will focus on minerals and their properties.  Grammar study will include helping verbs, linking verbs, and irregular verbs. Spelling test will be on Friday, check your child’s notebook for core and content words.  In Writers’ Workshop students will finish the final draft of their personal essay on the chromebooks and then begin using their essay strategies to draft opinion essays.  Some students will need to do some research at home to find facts and sources.  Look in their orange folders and assignment notebooks for more information.

Math:  In math we will add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers and apply strategies to solving word problems with mixed numbers.  Students will test out on adding and subtracting fractions and begin lessons on measurement using fractions.  There will be math homework on Monday and Tuesday.  We are almost there on Rocket Math division!!  Only a few more students to cross over to equivalent fractions.  Keep up the good work!

Science:  We will finish our investigation on mineral hardness and other properties of minerals.  If your child has a mineral collection, they may bring it in to share. We will use our observation skills to describe and identify a group of rocks and then create a rock museum in the classroom.  We may have time for a lesson on the rock cycle with Naomi later in the week.

Environmental Education:  This week we are outside on Thursday for Phenology.  Please be sure that your child has snowpants for warmth.

Gardening:  Optimistic, I guess.  We ordered seeds on Friday!

Dates to Remember:

2/8:  Mrs. McGovern at Professional Development, all day

2/10:  Mrs. McGovern at Professional Development, 1-4 pm

2/10:  TRIVIA NIGHT…Do YOU have your team yet?  Check the Virtual Backpack for more information!

2/14:  PBIS Celebration and Valentine’s Day Party

2/15:  Farm to Table

2/17:  Teacher Inservice, no student attendance

2/20:  No School:  President Day

2/22:  Early Release

2/24:  End of the Trimester

Have a great week and hug your pets!

Cynthia McGovern