Update February 25, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Welcome to another week of changing weather at PCCS!  With the temperatures on the rise and precipitation expected, the playground with be extra messy, so be sure to send your child with snowpants or rainpants to guarantee that he or she stays nice and clean.


The flu continues to take its toll on many classrooms.  Our attendance has not recovered yet, so please watch your child carefully.  At any sign of a fever, please keep your child home.  Contact the office and the classroom teachers and assistants as soon as possible.  We will collect and send work that can be done independently home with a sibling or friend.  Please let us know who you prefer.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  This week students will continue to work on PARCC related preparation during Readers’ Workshop, with emphasis on poetry, informational, and fairy tale structure.  In Grammar students will work on verb tense and using have, has, or had correctly.  Students are free to continue to work on IXL in math and language arts at home.  Spelling:  Core words are usually, money, seen, didn’t, car, morning, I’m, body, upon, family.  Content words are apprentice, master, taxes, Tory, Whig.  In Writer’s Workshop students are writing a small “book” about the colonial experience and their “life” on their “homestead”. We will be using our library books for resource, so they do not need to bring anything from home to use.

Math:  Our money unit went well, but many students will need more practice to master making change.  Please work with your child on this important life skill!  In math we will turn our attention to Geometry.  Students will complete the pre-assessment on Monday and we will move on to investigating polygons:  rectangles and tangrams will be our first focus.  Students will create shape posters and a set of their own tangrams.  We will continue to practice our division fact mastery with Rocket Math.

Social Studies:  Students completed their research, colony maps, 100 acre maps, and one acre maps last week.  We will write an essay on how the early settlers (colonists) changed the land and used the natural resources.  By Thursday students will be choosing their apprentice trade and complete worksheets that simulate an application for a position with a master tradesman in Boston, Massachusetts.  They will spend some time choosing a character name and developing that character.

Environmental Education:  This week promises to be warmer, although rainy later in the week.  If we can duck out on Tuesday for a warm and sunny Solo Spot we will!

Specials:  Please see each individual teacher’s webpage for updates.

Dates to Remember:

2/28:  Farm to Table lunch

3/2:  Report cards sent home electronically

3/2:  Student Led Conference sign ups sent @ 4:00 pm

3/5:  Jump Rope for Heart at recess

3/8 and 3/9:  Early Release for Student Led Conferences

Will see you all very soon at the Student Led Conferences!


Cynthia McG