Update February 18, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Another busy week at PCCS under our belts!  This week promises to be a bit more quiet and focused in the classrooms.  We have tons of academics and learning standards to focus on since the trimester is almost over.

Housekeeping:  PLEASE keep your child dressed for the daily weather by sending in winter gear.  Although we might not have snow on the ground or falling from the sky, they will still need snowpants and snowboots to stay warm, dry, and clean.  We are entering mud season and there is nothing worse than sitting in school with wet and muddy clothing.  Please wash any muddy jackets or snowpants whenever you can.

Literacy:  This week we are going to begin a little bit of practice for upcoming testing with understanding how to read a passage carefully and then to answer two-part comprehension questions.  Students will also work on subject verb agreement and helping verbs in written grammar lessons.  Students are welcome to continue to work at home on IXL grammar while we do written exercises at school.  Spelling words are:  CORE:  against, top, turned, learn, point, city, play, toward, five, himself. CONTENT:  penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar.  In Writers’ Workshop students will finish up their persuasive essay and begin an informational writing unit with a focus on history.  I hope that I can integrate the Homestead Project research with the Colonial Writing Project to allow students to use the text resources that we already have in class.

Math:  This week we will be doing a mini-unit on money; identifying denominations and understanding notation, counting up to make change to $1.00 and over a dollar, and then wrapping up the week with money word problems.  If you could send in coins for your child to use, that would be wonderful.  Be sure that your name and the amount is written on the bag.  We will return to Rocket Math at school and IXL practice at home.  There will not be any paper math homework this week.

SS:  In Social Studies, we are going to work on the 100 acre and one acre maps this week.  Students will be imagining that their family has been given 100 acres to settle and farm.  The 100 acre map will include landforms and natural resources and then they will focus on a one acre map that will represent their “home site” before settlement.  Finally, students will complete a one acre home site on their map which will include buildings and gardens.  If students are efficient, then we will work on brainstorming for an essay describing how the land changed once the family developed it into a farm.

Specials:  Please refer to the Specials teachers’ webpages for their most recent updates.  Any Jump Rope for Heart questions should be directed to Mr. Flinn.

Dates to Remember:

2/22:  Lottery Open House, 7 pm

2/23:  Third Grade Friendship Group at lunch

2/28:  Farm to Table

3/1:  Lottery!! 7 pm

3/2:  Report Cards sent

Thank you for all your help last week during the Valentine’s Day party and our Colonial Immersion Day.  Sometimes it DOES take a village!

Enjoy Monday,

Cynthia McG