Update February 15, 2015

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Happy long weekend!  Hope everyone had time to spend with those you love and to take some time for yourself.   Thanks to all the loving and caring parents who made our final party of the year fantabulous!  (That is a Frindle word…)

Weather Update:  Cloudy with a chance of sun and snow!  Freezing cold mornings followed by warm sunshine with a freezing cold wind by carpool!  Predicting wet mittens and soggy socks.  See following visual suggestions for happy and warm children:


The way to dress for PCCS!


This gal needs some more gear!

This gal needs some more gear!


ELA:  We continue our Common Core focus with a PARCC twist this week.  Our room team will be working with the students on guided reading and reading PARCC prep.  The PARCC prep is designed to take the mystery out of the type of questions.  The students will be asked to use two reading passages to answer questions specific to each one and then compare them.  We will work in small groups over the whole week to support students as they learn to navigate these prompts.  Students will still attend guided reading groups and participate in Daily 5 activities each day.  Spelling will change a bit, please note that we are going to combine Monday and Tuesday homework on 2/16 and 2/17.  For Tuesday 2/17, students will cut, sort, and write their words.  The rest of the week is as usual.  Core Words:  difficult, general, cover, material, isn’t, thousand, sign, guess, forward, huge.  Content Words:  canvas, frontier, merchant, pioneer, settler.  In writing we will finish up our slide presentations.  The kids LOVE using the Chromebooks and google docs!!  Then students will write essays reflective of the PARCC practice.

Math:  Fractions are the rule in our room these days!  Adding, subtracting, ordering, and comparing.  Fractions of a whole and fractions of a group.  Remember that students should understand fractions visually and conceptually first, then they can move into the abstract stage with numbers.  Please remember this when working with your child at home.  Continue to drill on multiplication and division facts at home.  Kids who are not fluent in these will be slowed down when they need to quickly access a fact.

SS/Science:  We had a blast with Science last week.  Between chemical weathering and the theory of continental drift, we really stretched our understanding of earth science.  This week we are going assemble a Pangaea puzzle, do some close reading of plate tectonics, and then begin Chapter 5 in Illinois Our Home:  Life on the Frontier.  We will wrap up our landform study in science as part of our study of Illinois pioneers and the land that they settled.

Coming soon to PCCS:

2/18:     Early Release

2/24:  Board Meeting

2/25:  Farm to Table

2/27:  Teacher Inservice Day:  NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

2/27:  End of second trimester