Update February 12, 2017

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Valentine’s Day party update:  We are going to make a pillow before the party.  Each student should bring a 14 X 14 inch pillow form and two 17 X 17 inch fleece squares.  I found fleece at WalMart, but not the pillow forms.  Joanne Fabrics and Hobby Lobby should have them.  If you need to adjust for a larger pillow, cut the fleece three inches larger than the form.  We would also love to borrow sharp scissors to cut the fringe on the fleece.

Once again we had a super busy week.  Here is a quick overview:

  • Continued to read our informational text on rocks, soil, and landforms,
  • Completed a short informational text on plate tectonics,
  • Flash-drafted an essay on “finders keepers, losers weepers”,
  • Began a persuasive essay on a topic of choice,
  • Studied helping and linking verbs,
  • Practiced moving between improper fractions and mixed numbers,
  • Solved fraction word problems,
  • Located mixed numbers on number lines,
  • Used number lines to solve fraction addition and subtraction equations,
  • Began a mini-unit on linear measurement using standard units,
  • Investigated properties of minerals,
  • Worked with the rock cycle with Ms. Naomi.

Academics this week:

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop we will continue to work on our informational text,  read more about the shifting surface of the Earth, and read a fiction piece on the effects of a flood.  Grammar will include more verbs with a focus on irregular verbs.  In writing we will celebrate Valentine’s Day with writing a descriptive paragraph about a chocolate kiss.  Students will also evaluate two student essays and use them to inform their own writing process. Students will then use the chromebooks to add to their proof for their persuasive essay and we will wrap up the week with adding transition phrases to our essays.  Spelling words:  Core words:  beside, oil, modern, fun, catch, business, reach, lot, won’t case.  Content words:  sediment, deposition, erosion, transport, flood.

Math:  In math our fraction unit will take a turn into the kingdom of standard measurement using rulers to the nearest one-eighth of an inch.  Check with your child that he or she has a ruler at school.  Only about half the students have one at school.  We will use our measurement information to create line plots and data interpretations. We will test out on measuring to the nearest one-eighth on Thursday.  Congrats to Riley for completing division facts and moving to equivalent fraction fluency!

Science:  We will finish up mineral identification using the scratch tests and then use stream table to create landforms and study erosion and deposition.

Specials:  Please see the special teachers’ pages for more information about their classes.

Dates to Remember:

2/14:     Valentine’s Day party

2/15:     Farm to Table

2/17:     Teacher Institute Day, non attendance for students

2/20:    Presidents’ Day, no school

2/22:    Early Release

2/24:  End of trimester

Hard to believe that there is only one trimester left of our two year journey together!