Update December 4, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Some more beautiful snow to walk the dog in!  It will be a scramble to get all the kids’ snow gear collected for school tomorrow, better start early!

Enjoyed seeing so many shoppers at the PCCS Marketplace yesterday.  Nala scored a new collar and doggy cookies!

Academics this week:

ELA: In Readers’ Workshop we will continue our small guided reading groups with Native American literature. Students have been working on inferring, main ideas, predicting, and vocabulary through their novels.  The groups meet regularly throughout the week and may require additional time at home to complete their work.  Please check your child’s notebook to see if he or she has work to finish at home.  Spelling:  Core words are:  whose, correct, bed, measure, straight, base, mountain, caught, hair, bird.  Content words are:  buffalo, parfleche, winter count, tribe, nomadic.  Grammar study will include work on sentence fragments, run-on sentences, nouns, and plural nouns.  In Writers’ Workshop we are going to begin our work on elaboration and “mining our writing” to extend our personal essays.  Students have been working hard to distinguish between personal essays and personal narratives. The key prompt to give the kids are to remind them to write about ideas, not stories.

Math:  This week we are finishing up our work on multiplication and division word problems.  Students will work in small groups to create a visual display of a division story problem and its solution.  Students will then take a “gallery tour” of all the exhibits. We will practice a bit more at the end of the week and then test out next week.  There shouldn’t be any homework this week, unless students have leftover work to complete at home.

SS:  Last week we studied the culture of the Woodland tribes and this week we will focus on the Plains tribes.  We will compare and contrast their lifestyle and culture. Students will create a “parfleche” and a winter count as part of this mini unit.  Look for them on display in the hall.  We are also having a Geography Bee in the classroom on Friday morning.  The questions will have choices, so we are encouraging all students to give it a go.  The process is different from the Spelling Bee, and the fourth grade will send two “winners” to the all school Geo Bee on December 12.  There will be two alternates in the event that a winner can’t attend.

Holiday Bazaar:  We are shopping on Thursday from 10:45 to 11:10. Students will have the chance to shop for extended family in the afternoon.

Dates to Remember:

12/6:     Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15 am

12/7:     Early Release, 1:00 pm

12/8:     Holiday Bazaar

12/12:    All School Geography Bee

12/16:    Winter Sing

12/20:    Holiday Parties, 2:15

12/20:    Owl Prowl, 5:30  Presented by the GREEN TEAM

Enjoy your Sunday!