Update December 17, 2017

Dear Third Grade Families,

This is the last update of 2017!  The past few weeks have flown by, it is hard to believe that we are only days away from our winter break.  If  you have plans to leave on vacation early, please let us know.  Don’t forget that all absences need to be reported to the office by the parents.

Housekeeping: It is really important that you send in warm winter gear each and every day for your child.  Each child needs snow pants, hat, and warm gloves or mittens to be safe outside.  We will also send home all clothing to be washed over the break.

Mrs. Krissek and I have a treat for the kids (and you) on Thursday.  We will provide lunch for the students.  We plan to have walking tacos, which are tacos and the toppings placed in a bag of corn chips.  We will also provide fruit and there will be a bean option.  Please send in anything else your child may want to add to this for snack and dessert.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop we will prepare for the longest day of the year on Thursday by reading about the seasons and what creates the seasons in our hemisphere.  Students will complete a reading frame on key ideas in an informational article, identify new vocabulary, and write a summary based on the reading frame.  Guided reading groups will continue to read literature selections.  Most groups will have some work to complete the first week that we return from the break.  Spelling:  Core words are food, keep, children, feet, land, side, without, boy, once, animal.  Content words are system, heap, resource, energy, source.  In Writing students will continue their creative writing unit and use winter prompts to generate writing pieces in their journals.

Math:  In math we are working on fractions:  understanding how to compare and order.  We will use rectangular shapes, pattern blocks, and number lines to compare and order fractions.  Please encourage your child to access the IXL on line practice to reinforce classroom instruction.  We will have work places on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Your child will complete two practice sessions of Rocket Math too.

Science:  This week we are looking at systems in energy sources.  Specifically we will have lessons on resources that generate our energy and how the energy (electrical) is transported to our homes.  The energy sources that we will study are: coal and power plants.  After the break we will study wind, solar, and hydroelectric.  Our day on Thursday is all about Solstice:  understanding the reasons for the seasons, why the days are so short in the late fall and winter, and Solstice traditions.  Students will read a book about Solstice, watch videos about the science behind Solstice, graph summer Solstice and winter Solstice light hours, and then wrap it all up with a traditional celebration of the sun.

Please join us in the gym at 8:30 on Friday for the Winter Sing.  The Winter Holiday party will be at 11:45 and I would like to thank all who donated time and materials for the party.  Students will be released after the party at 1:00 due to the early release.

I am taking a personal day on Wednesday, December 20.  Mrs. Krissek will be at the helm.  Also on Wednesday is the staff/student basketball game at 2:30.  Join us in the gym for the fun and games!

Specials:  Please follow up on the happenings in your child’s special classes by visiting the teachers’ webpages.

Dates to Remember:

12/20:  Winter Bank Concert,  7 pm

12/21:  Taco Thursday

12/22:  Winter Sing  (8:30) and Winter Party (11:45)

12/23- 1/7: Winter Break, school resumes on 1/8/18

1/9:  Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15

1/15:  No School, MLK Day

If I don’t run into you before the break, have a safe and happy family time!