Update December 11, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

What a great weekend!  We attended the Christkindl Market in Naperville on Saturday.  Made it home just before the snow started!

The Geography Bee was intense…the kids did such a great job, that they went into overtime!  Our finalists are: Mitchell and Shawn from Mrs. Wagner’s class and the alternates are Kyle and Soulee from our room.  The school-wide bee is tomorrow morning.

CRAFT ITEMS NEEDED:  Each student needs a clean glass jar with a lid.  It would be great if we have a few extras too.  We still need small sprigs of fake winter foliage.

We are hosting kindergarten for a craft project on December 20.  For this project we need:  several single stretchy gloves, stuffing, felt.  We are making “sock monsters”.

Last week we had a great time in math.  Students worked in cooperative groups to solve and create posters for a gallery walk.  They are hanging in the hallway.


Academics this week:

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop students continue to work on guided reading groups with Native American themed titles.  Some of the groups may finish early enough to create small book projects.  Ask your child if he or she will be creating a book project.  Grammar study will be plural nouns, common and proper nouns.  Core spelling words are: wood, color, war, fly, yourself, seem, thus, square, moment, teacher.  Content words are characteristic, physical, behavioral, traits, inherited.  In Writers’ Workshop students will work on framing their essays.  With this lesson, students will be introduced to creating a thesis statement and then working to support their thesis statement with facts and details.

Math:  This week we will wrap up our comprehensive multiplication and division unit.  We will review and practice for the last assessment of this unit.  The last assessment will consist of multiplication and division strategies and story problems.  On Wednesday we will complete a practice assessment which students can use to review.  The assessment will be on Thursday.  On Friday we will pretest our next unit, Fractions.  Keep up the good work with fact practice, the students are making awesome progress!

SS/Science:  This week we will begin with completing the Winter Counts from last week.  Then we are going to have a short unit on inherited traits which will be carried over until the first week of January.  We will begin with comparing apple varieties, taking notes on a video about animal adaptations, creating an new species of a prairie vole or owl adapted to live in an extreme habitat, investigating structural and behavioral adaptations, and understanding survival adaptations of rabbits.

Environmental Education:  This week we will attempt to have phenology, but the extreme cold will most likely keep us inside.

Dates to Remember:

12/16:     Winter Sing, 8:30

12/20:    Winter party, 2:15

12/20:    Owl Prowl, 5:30 – 7:00. Please contact Naomi for a reservation

12/21:     Winter Solstice,  Be sure to celebrate the longest night of the year!

12/21- 1/3:  Winter Break.  School resumes on January 4, 2017

Have a great week!