Update April 9, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

PARCC testing is under our belts and this week should be more of a “regular” week with very few interruptions!  We will have an Early Release on Wednesday, but that is the only unusual event this week.

Housekeeping:  We could use a few more boxes of tissues.  It seems like our sneezy runny noses are still constant company!

Academics this week:

Literacy:  This week we will read several Newsela articles with Motion and Matter themes, one on the invention of the wheel and another on how rockets work.  Grammar study will continue to focus on pronouns and students will continue to read “Five Smooth Stones”, a Revolutionary War story.  Core spelling words are:  close, nothing, though, idea, before, lived, became, add, become, grow, Content spelling words are:  force, motion, gravity, friction, axle.  Students finished up their historical fiction “books” and will begin a story writing unit rewriting fairy tales.

Math:  We begin math unit 7 this week.  Unit 7’s focus is on advanced multiplication and fractions.  The first module begins with multiplication stories, multiplication by 11 and 12, multiplying single digits by multiples of 10 (8 X 80), and building arrays for one-by-two digit multiplication problems.  You can look for homework on Monday and Wednesday with IXL practice on Monday through Thursday.

Science: In Science we will begin out Motion and Matter unit.  Our investigations will include review about magnets and force, wheel and axle systems, patterns of motion which will include a study of spinning motions using “twirly birds” and tops.

Outdoor Education:  If the weather cooperates this week we will begin gardening in the cold frames, complete our trail challenge for Leave No Child Inside green challenge.

Specials:  Please check each special teachers’ webpage for their updates.

Dates to Remember:

4/11:  Early Release, 1:00 pm

4/12:  Family Math Night, 6:00 p.m.

4/16:  Earth Week begins

4/19:  Field Trip to Hastings Lake Forest Preserve

Enjoy your week!