Update April 29, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Only about a month left in third grade!  Hard to believe!  I will be really excited to see their growth in their NWEA Map scores when we take the tests in mid May.

I am attending the Green Schools Conference in Denver this week and will be out of the classroom from Wednesday to Friday.  Mrs. Krissek, Mrs. Blom, and Ms. Deringer will be running the show.  Please reinforce to your child that showing respect to “substitute” staff is very important.

Academics this week:

Literacy:  In Readers’ Workshop students will wrap up Five Smooth Stones.  You already received the Cereal Box Book report form on Friday, May 27.  Please save a cereal box and have your child complete this on Five Smooth Stones.  Feel free to help with generating ideas for the title and the game for the back of the box.  They should do all the writing or typing alone though.  It is due on May 7 for the oral presentation section. After a guided reading group finishes the book in class, they will work on reading paired texts.  Paired texts are literature and informational texts that are selected based on a common theme or idea.  Grammar this week will be written lessons from the green grammar book on adjectives.  Core spelling words are:  shown, mean, English, rest, perhaps, certain, six, feel, fire, ready.  Content words are engineer, design, prototype, solution, problem.  In Writers’ Workshop students are writing their second and third event and the solution in their Fairy Tale adaptation.

Math:  In math this week we are wrapping up Unit 7, although the test will be given the week of May 7th.  This week students will learn two Work Place activities:  Dozens of Eggs (equivalent fractions) and Racing Fractions (ordering fractions).  They will have a fraction checkpoint (quiz) and gather and analyze data on lunch selections.  On Friday we will have a challenge math day where students will have several problems to solve about placing fractions on a number line.   Continue to work on multiplication facts.  We need to have them mastered by the end of May!

Science:  We will continue our Engineering challenges this week by developing carts to meet a distance challenge.  Students are using wheels, axles, straws, binder clips, popsicle sticks, craft sticks, and index cards to create carts that can roll with a little push or pull.  Later in the week they will investigate careers in the field of engineering and create a powerpoint presentation highlighting job description, opportunity, and salary.

Environmental Education:  This week students will be outside for Phenology in the garden.  Things are starting to happen!

Garden Education:  We have planted lettuce in the sustainable schoolyard and squash on the grow carts.  The warmer weather this week will help our efforts for provide a tasty salad for us to enjoy before the end of the year.  The squash will become a fall harvest.

Specials:  Please refer to the specials teachers’ individual classroom webpage for their updates.

Dates to Remember:

4/30:  Greek Wax Museum Tour, 1:00 pm (we go to the Carson building)

5/1:     Happy May Day!  Green Challenge at 8:15 am in the gym

5/2- 5/4:  Green Schools National Convention, Mrs. McG off campus

5/2:     Farm to Table

5/9:     Early Release, 1:00 pm

5/13:  Mother’s Day

5/15:  NWEA English/Language Arts MAP test

5/17:  NWEA Math MAP test

Enjoy your week!

Cynthia McG