Update April 23, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

We survived Arctic Earth Week!  It is interesting to note that the temperature in Anchorage, AK was warmer than at PCCS most days last week!

Housekeeping:  Tissues

Academics this week:

Literacy:  This week in Readers’ Workshop students will return to work on Five Smooth Stones in guided reading groups.  Most groups will finish by the end of the week and we will begin a book project.  We had a special request for the “Cereal Box Book Report”.  Please save a regular size cereal box and keep at home for this project.  I will send more information on the project at the end of the week.  Our grammar focus is adjectives. Students will work this week on IXL during class and next week they will practice in the grammar books.  Core spelling words are:  draw, yet, less, wind, behind, cannot, letter, among, able, dog.  Content words are:  ramp, rotate, axis, variable, outcome. Students will return to work on their adaptation of Fairy Tales.  For the first tale they will choose between Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Math:  In math we will continue to learn new strategies for multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  Students learned an array method last week and created posters to model the strategies.  They will share their posters on Monday.  We will then switch to fractions on a ruler and fractions in egg cartons.  Each student needs an egg carton no later than Tuesday morning.  If you have extras, please send them in.  We will use the egg cartons to model fractions of a group rather than fractions of a whole.  IXL practice includes:  Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12.  Continue to practice multiplication facts at home.

Science:  In our new Motion and Matter unit, students will study changes in patterns of motion using ramps, wheels, axles, paper “twirly birds”, and tops.

Waukegan Public Library Field Trip:  Each year the third and fourth graders are involved in a community outreach at the WPL.  Our class attends on Thursday, April 26, 2018.  This year the field trip came together quickly and we are going to visit first grade students from Clearview Elementary at the WPL.  Our students will be matched up with a younger child and will serve as a mentor for the two hour experience at the library.  The WPL pays for the experience, so there is no cost to us.  We will eat at the usual time and board the buses at 12:00 and be back at school around 3:00.  Please send in the permission form that was in the Friday folder ASAP.

Dates to Remember:

4/26:     Waukegan Public Library Field Trip, 12-3 pm

5/2-5/4:  Green Schools National Conference.  I am presenting and will be off campus these three days.

Looks like things will be quieter this week!


Cynthia McG