Update April 15, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

Welcome to Earth Week!  I will be digging out my base layers and down coat for this week!  Mother Nature sure does have some CRAZY sense of humor!

Housekeeping:  Tissues.

Earth Week Activities:

The theme this year is “We Are All In This Together”.  Each day will have a different theme:  animals, plants, local community, global community, and self.  At this point, considering the weather, I am going to reserve assigning a daily theme until that day.  I will do my best to plan the outside activities on sunnier and warmer days.  Having said that, please be sure that your child is dressed for the weather du jour.  I would also advise sending in dry socks if your child has leaky boots.

Math:  This week I will continue to hold math class (YEAH!!).  We will learn how to construct arrays to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.  Students will work with partial product strategies to solve word problems also.  They will wrap up the week by creating array posters.  You can expect math homework on Tuesday and Friday.

Literacy and SS/Science:  I do not plan to hold these classes this week.

Field trip:  We are going to have our field trip to Hasting’s Lake Forest Preserve on Thursday.  We plan to leave at 9:00 and we will be back around 3:00.  Again, PLEASE check the weather for that day and dress your child accordingly.  As of this morning, the weather is predicted to be partly cloudy with highs in the low 40’s.  There is a closed-in shelter where we will eat.  Please try not to send any food with nuts.  Thank you.

Specials:  We will attend all our regular specials classes with the exception of Thursday to attend the field trip to Hasting’s Lake.

Dates to Remember:

4/16 – 4/20:     Earth Week

4/16:                  8th Grade CP Projects

4/24:                  School board meeting, 7 pm

Have a great week and keep your eyes to the sky for weather changes!


Cynthia McG