Understood.org – a parent resource

Understood.org – a parent resource

Hello families,

Please take a few moments to explore understood.org 

This is a parent-friendly website I learned about while attending the Learning Disabilities Association conference in Chicago this week. This site is also available in Spanish here: https://www.understood.org/es-mx

This organization is dedicated to empower parents by providing tools and strategies to utilize with your struggling learner. This is also a great resource for developing a better understanding of Section 504 plans and IEPs. It can be uncomfortable at first for students and parents to discuss their disability openly, but a student knowing their strengths and weaknesses is much more important than the label itself. Your student is not defined by their label – they (and you) are empowered to better understand and advocate for their needs by putting a name to it.

Let me know what you think!

-Ms. P