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Turner Tribune 9/22/17

Hello and Happy Autumn,


In addition to current events, close reading and literature circles, this week in ELA we focused on writing, with the “6 Traits” of writing. Students focused on one of the 6 traits of writing each day (ideas, organization, voice, and word choice; sentence fluency and conventions to be continued next week). Ask your child which trait they are feeling the most confident about applying to their writing! In social studies, students began the excavation and investigation process into the culture Mr. Hershiser’s class designed. We also discussed systems in social studies and how environmental factors shape a civilization (look for this theme throughout the course of our year in social studies).


As far as events of the week, we met with our book buddies to learn more about growth mindsets (how instead of accepting failure, we can train our brains to see it as an opportunity to set goals and work toward success in the future). Also, our first monthly PBIS lesson with Mrs. Meyer & Mrs. Gernady was today. For these lessons, 6-8th grade is using “Second Step”; click here to learn more about the curriculum. Of course the most unique part of our week was most likely our cooking for the Tomato Jubilee. Sincere thanks go out to each and every family who helped make today such an incredible success. From sending ingredients and supplies to offering your time, it was overwhelming to see the level of commitment our families put into making today such a positive experience. You are all amazing!


Important Dates

Monday, 10/2: Spanish class Salsa Day (see Senora’s letter here)

Tuesday, 10/3: Green Assembly (8:15 AM)

Wednesday, 10/4: F2T registration due (A La Carte only)

Friday, 10/6: No School (Teacher In-Service)


Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz