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Turner Tribune 4/27/18


As you may know, we have been holding class meetings over the course of the year regarding respect and peer interactions. On Tuesday afternoon, we will be holding 2 separate meetings: one for the 6th grade girls and one for the 6th grade boys. Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Gernady will be joining the girls’ meeting.  The purpose is to have meetings more specifically geared towards what we are seeing from students. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!


This week in ELA, we began our study of the Hero’s Journey, and started reading Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. In vocab, students have begun a short focus on Greek & Latin roots. For SS, this coming Monday both 6th grade classes will give their Wax Museum presentations. The students have been working very hard on their masks and speeches in class, and are almost ready! They may wish to practice in front of a small audience this weekend to build their confidence.


Lastly, check out our A-Z Countdown themes!


Important Dates

Monday, 4/30: Wax Museum (schedule here)

Wednesday, 5/2: F2T (12:15 PM-12:50 PM)

Monday, 5/7: 6th Grade Reading NWEA

Wednesday, 5/9: Early Release, 1 pm

Thursday, 5/10: 6th Grade Math NWEA


Enjoy your weekend!
Ms. Turner & Mr. Hurwitz