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Turner Tribune 10/20/17

Greetings families,

Going forward for the year, we are planning to be incorporating more Character Education activities. Sixth grade can be a trying time in a young adult’s life, as they are starting to mature and develop more distinct personalities. We know how important it is for students to be empowered to treat each other with kindness and respect as everyone is making their way through these various aspects of life. Starting Monday, we will be introducing students to a “Focus of the Week”, where we choose a character trait to focus on for the week (or longer if needed) that helps exemplify expected peer-to-peer and peer-to-adult (as well as adult-to-peer) behavior. We will be starting with “compassion”. If possible, please reinforce this weekly practice by discussing at home. We appreciate any partnership available on this front.


On another note, I found a nice resource for supporting students’ reading at home. This reading questions document is a quick guide for the types of questions you could ask your child about any book they are reading.  Students should have completed their literature circle book and be working on their Character Project. Once the project wraps up, we will be moving to a variety of texts that intertwine with our current social studies unit on Primitive Man. Also in ELA, we will soon be transitioning from our initial focus on Narrative stories to Informational writing.


A reminder that the permission slip and payment for our first field trip are due. The updated price of the field trip is $25; please send in payment at your convenience. I have linked the permission slip here; your child may pick up an extra from the “Extras Tray” in the classroom, if needed. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to chaperone, it has been an overwhelming response! We aim to let you know by next Wednesday, if you have been selected.


The Green Team has been doing some awesome things lately! Check out the Green Gazette for more details on that.

As we approach upcoming parties and group events, we look forward to seeing you and your children participating in all aspects of celebration. Please note that some families have opted for their children not to be photographed. If you plan to take pictures of anyone other than your child, please ensure that you have obtained parental permission of the children you photograph prior to taking those pictures. Additionally, some parents may prefer that their children’s pictures not be posted on social media. Please check with them before posting.


Tuesday the 31st, students will celebrate Halloween within the grade band. If your child would like to bring a costume, they will be invited to change between 1:45-2. Please be sure to follow PCCS guidelines when choosing a costume:

  • No excessive violence depicted by the costume.
  • No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable.
  • No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint.
  • No Weapons of any kind, real or toy.

Thank you.


Lastly, I want to mention that CryptoClub is still open to new members if any more students are interested. The pro-rated price for the remaining 4 sessions is $50. Also, current members have revamped the name to be “Cryptology & Cookies”, where members can look forward to a mystery treat each session! Let me know if you think this would be a fun club for your child.


Important Dates

Sunday, 10/22: Fall Fest, 12-4PM in the Barn

Mon/Fri, 10/23-10/27: PCCS Anti-Bullying Week

Tuesday, 10/31: ⅚ Halloween Party (2:15/after 1st-4th parade)

Wednesday, 11/1: Early Release (1 PM)

Friday, 11/3: End of 1st Trimester

Monday, 11/6: Field Trip to Milwaukee Public Museum

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz