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Turner Tribune 1/26/18



Sixth grade has been going strong into (almost) February! Some interesting topics have been covered this week. In ELA, students have been learning about themes in dystopias, as their literature circle books are all dystopian stories. Speaking of lit circles, students have now received their packets and will be completing one creative role with each weekly reading portion (as well as completing a page of their packet each week).

In Social Studies, we continued our study of ancient Egypt, by utilizing a textbook for information about the geography of the Nile River. Next week students will work in groups to design a 3-D map of the Nile River. Additionally we had special guest(s); Craig Hendee, a falcon trainer, came in to discuss birds of prey and their connection to Ancient Civilizations. He brought a peregrine falcon (named Alvin) along with him! There are pictures of Craig and Alvin on our classroom webpage for you to view. In our specials, students have learned about making good decisions (Health), creating wall murals (Art), and family & age vocabulary (Spanish).

Please view the CryptoClub flyer if your student is interested in joining Ms. Turner to learn more about Cryptology (coding with math)! 4-sessions are starting February 22nd.

Important Dates

Mon-Fri, 1/29-2/2: PCCS Peace Week

Tuesday, 2/6: Green Assembly, 8:10 in the gym


Enjoy your weekend & the hopefully warmer weather!

Ms. Turner & Mr. Hurwitz

Roxanne Turner
Sixth Grade Teacher
Prairie Crossing Charter School