Turner Times 9/28/18


Last week, both ELA classes finished our first read-aloud of the year, Because of Mr. Terupt. Next up, students voted for us to participate in the “Global Read Aloud Project”: teachers around the world will be reading the same book to their students as I am, Refugee by Alan Gratz. If you would like more information, feel free to visit the website www.theglobalreadaloud.com. Additionally, students should be reading their first literature circle novels at home. Each week their reading is accompanied by a “role” to prepare for their group meeting (which takes place on Thursday or Friday). Audio via Youtube is linked for students on Google Classroom.

In social studies, students furthered their archaeology simulation by making observations and inferences regarding the artifacts they have discovered. In all classes, we have also started to discuss “systems thinking” as an approach to take toward decision making, problem-solving, and understanding various topics of information. Students will be looking at culture through the lens of systems over the course of the year, in relation to our specific studies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Important Dates

Wednesday Oct 3: MPM field trip

Thursday Oct 4: Early Release, 1 pm

Friday Oct 5: Teacher In-service, No School

Monday Oct 8: No School


Enjoy your weekend!
-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Krissek