Turner Times 9/21

Happy Friday,

Students had a marvelous week, filled with hands-on experiences:

  • the SMARTboard is up and running and students can expect to use it multiple times a week
  • students got digging in the garden beds, to prep our archaeology simulation in social studies next week (special thanks to all families who sent in tarps)
  • everyone played a vital role in preparing food for 100+ people at the Tomato Jubilee. Infinite “thank you”s to all who made Wednesday’s cooking event such a success, whether you donated items or volunteered your time – we could not have done it without you!

Lastly, click here to view the slideshow from Curriculum Night this past Monday and click here to get a peek at some random photos from Spirit Week last week!

Important Dates

Friday 9/28: Midterms emailed home; Fire Drill, 10am; MPAC Potluck 5pm

Saturday 9/29: Green Team’s Highway Clean-up, click here for more information


Enjoy your weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Krissek