Turner Times 5/3/19

Happy Friday,

Another successful week is on the books! It’s wild to know that we started our A-Z countdown this week, signaling less than 26 days left in the school year. Click here to read about Turner homeroom students’ themes for each of our remaining days together.

With the end of the year upon us, students will be completing their final standardized tests of the year, the school’s MAP/NWEA in Reading and Math. I’m excited for students to show all of their growth from this school year! Additionally, students are working on a poetry portfolio in ELA (template for students here), and gaining background on the geography of Ancient Greece in social studies.

Important Dates

  • Wed, May 8: NWEA Reading, 9-11; Early Release, 1 pm
  • Thurs, May 9: NWEA Math, 1:50-3:20
  • Fri, May 10: Pizza Friday
  • Mon, May 13: Wax Museum

Have a lovely weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Albert


Roxanne Turner
Sixth Grade Teacher
Prairie Crossing Charter School