Turner Times 12/7/18

Happy December,

This week in SS, students began to study a variety of early civilizations within the area of the Fertile Crescent, Ancient Mesopotamia. Additionally, I introduced students to their weekly tasks for the unit. Their first task is at the “tribe” level, and is due Tuesday. In ELA we took notes using the SMARTboard, about the research process. Students should have completed a timeline of 6+ important events from their historical figure’s life, to include in their written report. They will be continuing work on a draft of their report next week. At that time, I will explain to students the presentation portion of the assignment.

Mrs. Krissek would like to remind families that lunch heat-up times are limited to 30 seconds/student, to help ensure everyone has time to heat-up and enjoy their lunch. Instant Mac & Cheese and Cup of Noodles require additional time.

Important Events

  • Dec 11: PBIS w/Mrs. Gernady or Mrs. Meyer

  • Dec 12: Erin’s Law presentation with Mrs. Meyer

  • Dec 14: Pizza Friday

Enjoy your weekend.

-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Krissek