Turner Times 11/30/18

Hello families,

As we say goodbye to November, students have officially concluded our studies of primitive time and will be transitioning to learning about the first civilizations within Ancient Mesopotamia, in a unit called Empires. This unit features some group work in class, as well as mini-projects known as “tasks” that students will need to be working on independently at home. This will be introduced next week.

In ELA, students should be completing their Biography organizer over the weekend, if they have not already, and will begin drafting their informative essay next week. For more information on this assignment, please check out the suggested timeline, organizer and rubric here.

Important Dates

Monday Dec 3: Holiday Bazaar shopping, @9:30 am & 2:05 pm

Friday Dec 7: PCCS Geography Bee, 8:15 in the gym & Green Team’s Eyes to the Skies event, 5 pm

Stay warm!
-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Krissek