Turner Times 1/11/19

Welcome back,

Endless “thank you”s go out to everyone who showered us with appreciation and gifts prior to the winter break. This is a remarkable community to be a part of. THANK YOU! Everyone did a marvelous job transitioning back to our routine this week! Students received a new book in ELA, on a “global issue” topic of their choosing. Students will be working on a group slideshow presentation to share their topic with peers, next week. More details to come next week, including the checklist that students will be graded by.

In social studies, students looked at parallels between modern cities and the cities that developed in ancient Mesopotamia. Using a checklist, students had the opportunity to design “the ideal Mesopotamian city”. Next, students have started to wrap up our unit by diving into the multiple achievements of Ancient Mesopotamia, with special attention in class dedicated to farming & food production. Students’ final “task” project (Empire level) for the unit is due next Friday, Jan 18th.

Please note the many important dates for next week, including our field trip on Thursday (no peanut/non-heat up lunch that day, please).

Important Dates

  • Mon 1/14: Math NWEA 9-11, BESS screener with Mrs. Meyer 12:15, Hershiser Homeroom Spelling Bee 12:30-1:40

  • Tues 1/15: Reading NWEA 9-11

  • Wed 11/16: F2T, 12:15 in the barn

  • Thurs 11/17: Field Trip to Chicago’s Field Museum

  • Fri 11/18: Turner Homeroom Spelling Bee 12:15-1:30

Stay warm!

-Ms. Turner & Mrs. Krissek