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Time to Spring Forward

As we set our clocks ahead and spring forward, we are excited to jump into this new trimester. The students have been working hard on their portfolios to showcase their work in 5th grade so far, and they are looking forward to sharing them with you this week when you come for Student Led Conferences.
In ELA we will begin new spelling sorts on Monday, continue our Literature Circles on Tuesday, and take our spelling tests on Friday. We are currently on Session 5 in our Literature Circles, and we will finish our books by Tuesday, March 17th.
In social studies, we will take our next states and capitals test on Wednesday (Hurwitz) and Thursday (Neil) of this week. This quiz will cover both the New England and the Mid-Atlantic states combined for the entire Northeast region. Then, we will begin mapping and learning the southeast region. All of these maps will continue to be glued into our social studies notebooks and all completed state and capital flashcards can be stored and stapled into these notebooks for easy reference. I have posted two different videos from YouTube on Google Classroom that review the states and capitals with lyrics. Any student who would like to memorize either of these songs and perform for the class (solo or in groups of 2 or 3) can earn extra credit points in social studies.
Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 18th. We will host a 5th grade camping trip meeting from 6:00-7:00 in one of the 5th grade classrooms. This informational meeting for parents will provide details on our plans for the 5th grade trip and allow time for questions.
Upcoming Events:
03/09/2020 – Track Season Begins 03/1602020
03/11/2020 – Farm to Table
03/09/2020 – 2020/2021 Lottery @7:00 pm
03/12 and 3/13 – Student Led Conferences Early Release – 1:00pm
03/16/2020 – Parent Elect election applications acceptance begins
03/18/2020 – Early Release 1:00 pm
03/20/2020 – Drama Club Performance of Mary Poppins jr @ 7:30pm
03/21-29/20 – Spring Break Enjoy!
Save the date: 04/01/2020 – Parent University Screening of the movie Angst
6:00 pm
04/03/2020 – PSO Bingo Night @6:00pm