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The Week of the Supermoon

Tonight we will experience the first (and last) supermoon of 2017. Hopefully, the night will be clear enough for us to enjoy the full moon as it coincides with the moon’s perigee – the point of its orbit that brings it closest to Earth. If you miss it tonight, you can look for a supermoon again on January 2nd and 31st.
It was so nice to meet with so many parents and students at conferences last month. Your students have much to be proud of already this year, and we are confident that their progress will continue as we begin 2018! In ELA, we have collected student copies of Esperanza Rising. If your child has not returned their copy, please send it back to school as soon as possible. We have also completed our exploration of John Muir and his biography, My Life with Nature. Next, we will shift our focus to writing some personal narratives of our own, beginning with a brainstorming lesson on Monday.
In science, we are studying our first two biomes this week, the tundra and the taiga. Our study of biomes will coordinate with the National Park projects the students are doing in social studies. Be sure to ask your child which national park they have selected to research!
Please join us for our Green Challenge assembly on Tuesday at 8:10 to learn more about composting. And, don’t forget to drop off items for students to purchase at the Holiday Bazaar on Thursday. Please note that we will have an Early Release this Wednesday and on Friday, December 22nd.