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The Extra Day

We hope you all enjoyed our “extra day” yesterday, 2/29. What a nice gift to have 24 extra hours in our year!
Student led conference sign ups went out via email on Friday afternoon for both of the 5th grade classes. We will be helping the students put together a digital portfolio of work done this year so they are ready to share all of their accomplishments with you. They have been working hard and this is a great opportunity to celebrate!
In ELA, we will be starting new spelling sorts on Monday and our spelling test will be on Friday. Literature Circles will meet for Session 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday (if needed) this week. We have had some good discussions about the books and it’s affirming to see your students dive into the texts they’re reading. We’ve also been impressed with the increase in reading minutes and stamina we’ve seen on the Reading Logs. Your students have made a strong commitment to their reading outside of school! This month we will begin a Spring Forward Reading Challenge in each classroom so Reading Logs will not be collected. Look for details on our new reading challenge coming soon.
In social studies we will soon have our first states and capitals quiz. These quizzes will ask students to locate the states on a map and provide the capital city for each state. The quizzes cover five different geographic regions of the country. The first quiz will be this Wednesday (Hurwitz) and Thursday (Neil) on the New England states. Your students have labeled a map for this region which has been glued into their social studies notebook. They are also working on flashcards for all 50 states. Flashcards are an effective study aid and should be completed by Tuesday.
Upcoming Events:
03/04/2020 – Lounge Angels
03/06/2020 – Natural Leaders Assembly @8:15 am
03/07/2020 – Hike The Divide screening at the One Earth Film Festival
@1:00pm in the Gaylord Nelson Gymnasium.
03/11/2020 – Farm to Table
03/09/2020 – 2020/2021 Lottery @7:00 pm
03/12 and 3/13 – Student Led Conferences Early Release – 1:00pm
03/16/2020 – Parent Elect election applications acceptance begins
03/18/2020 – Early Release 1:00 pm
03/21-29/20 – Spring Break Enjoy!