The Book Fair is Around the Corner – Volunteer Opportunity

Scholastic Book Fair
What are the early signs of spring?  When the birds start to sing, the trees begin to bud and when the Scholastic Book Fair is here!
The Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be taking place during student- led conferences on March 9th, 1:30-7pm and the 10th, 1:30-4pm.   Look for your child’s wish list to come home just prior to the fair.  If you are interested in purchasing a book to donate to your child’s classroom please look for the teacher Wish List Bags located at the fair.  Select a book from the bag (or one of your own choosing) and purchase at checkout.  Your child can then give the book to their teacher directly. 
Also remember there is an Online Book Fair that runs from March 2 – 15th.  Books can be ordered online and they are then shipped free of charge to the school.  All books should arrive and be sent home prior to Spring Break. 
Volunteer sign up sheets will be posted for the 7th and 8th grade students.  Parent volunteers are welcome to help with set-up, helping students shop, monitoring sales, straightening & restocking books during the sales.  Please contact Julie at if you would like to help.
Hope to see you at the book fair!